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  1. Jason Lee

    tribal sleeve start

    beginning of freehand tribal sleeve.
  2. Jason Lee

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    Not trying to claim all designs are original, so some may look familiar. just using this as a learning experience. all are hand painted, acrylic on bristol board. had a lot of fun doing this...plan on doing a set of originals now.
  3. Jason Lee


    learning experience. not all are original pieces, but all were hand painted, acrylics on bristol board.
  4. Jason Lee

    boredom is a great motivation tool!

    had someone ask for some flash, so I've been working on getting a small set put together. It's pretty time consuming to hand paint it all, but its the only option i can afford for the time being, and I like the look it gives it. At the very least it keeps me busy and I'll have some cool stuff to hang on my walls when I'm done. It has definitely helped me get excited about drawing and painting again, and I feel like the painting is helping my tattooing technique, even if i'm not getting to tattoo often right now.
  5. Jason Lee

    Elephant tattoos

    Nate capps at booneville tattoo & co.
  6. Jason Lee

    img 0435

    little rose tattoo i did yesterday
  7. Jason Lee

    boredom is a great motivation tool!

    thanks, will do. I draw when i get tired of surfing all the social sites...there isnt a following for this shop yet, so im trying to spend the winter networking and letting people know we are here, so by the time spring gets here i can be super busy.
  8. Jason Lee

    straight shop plug

    just had to put this out there. need to help create some buzz out there for the new shop Booneville Tattoo & Company. Check us out at boonevilletattoo.com, or /boone.ville.18 on fb. Add us as a friend, like us, share with your friends, and help us get noticed. Thanks in advance to all those that help us out, feel free to let me know if you would like us to do the same for you.
  9. Jason Lee

    boredom is a great motivation tool!

    I'd like to, but unfortunately I'm the only one here. Pranking yourself sucks... But i do have some good ideas for the guys that need some new ways to torture...eh, help train their apprentice.
  10. Jason Lee

    what's it mean?

    I just wanted to say as a tattoo artist i wish there were more people like you out there. kudos to you
  11. Jason Lee

    img 0428

    and after
  12. Jason Lee

    img 0425

    the before