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  1. Ok so here are my latest additions. All of these were done over the last week while I was in New Zealand. First is a piece on my thigh by Simon Erl, got this one at the New Plymouth Convention; I got this one from Capilli later on in the week, it was a bit of a fluke I sent him a text asking if he had any time before I went home and it turned out he'd had a cancellation. Heaps lucky; And this last one was a session on my back. Jelle did the outline one night back in April and then I sat 5 more hours on it last Thursday. It's taking shape;
  2. From what I understand, these partners (investors if you will), had written in the original contract that they would get a return at least equal to what they originally invested in the museum after 12 months of operation, this amount of money wasn't reached after the first 12 months of the museum operation and now they've seized Henk's collection. It's total crap, they have no idea what this collection means to tattoo history, not just Mokum history but the WHOLE WORLD. The world tattoo community needs to band together and get behind Henk and the ATM because we truely cannot afford to lose th
  3. I'm leaving for New Zealand tomorrow. Getting my thigh tattooed by Simon Erl on Saturday, sight-seeing for a week and then starting colour on my back with Jelle on the following Friday!
  4. The set I was chasing is by Ron Henry Wells and I can't see him on Tattoo Elite International, but I did just find a heap of other sets I like. Thanks!
  5. My word I love Deno. His style is so solid and defined.
  6. When I was still living in Woudenberg I used to sweep the floor of a garage for pocket change when I was young. The owner and head mechanic was a huge barrel chested man who often turned up to work shirtless and unshaven (in sub-zero temperatures) And he had two swallows on his chest and an anchor on his forearm. From the first time I saw those I knew I wanted tattoos.
  7. My dad told me that too and I worked summer jobs in a funeral home all through high school and after I started university. He also included music in that list too, but no-one makes any money from technical progressive polka...
  8. Whoever said that mentioning past travelling you've done to get tattooed helps show you're serious is on the money I think. I usually get replied to fairly soon, at least in my experience. The only person I've had trouble with is one artist who did an exceptional heavy black traditional flash set I wanted to buy a set of, but couldn't get any replies from him about a shipping price to Australia. I don't know if just directly depositing a random amount of cash in his paypal would have worked?
  9. I really want to get a piece of Henk, hopefully next year.
  10. Yeah, loosely based on one of the earlier paintings. And I know what S.O.o.S stands for, do you? Check out Jelle Nelemans, Pedro, J.Adams.
  11. Yeah he's incredible. The whole S.O.o.S crew are excellent tattooers. I have another piece from Capilli, you can see it's tongue next to the bird in that one.
  12. A couple other people asked but I haven't seen anyone reply. Anyone know what that big book is with the August Coleman photos? This series is great, I only found out about it last week and have since watched all the episodes. If the stories I've heard about DeVita are true, it's well worth the wait for his episode!
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