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    i started getting tattooed and pursuing tattooing as a career around 2003, getting an apprenticeship at a local shop some time shortly after. this lasted for about a year and a half, eventually ending by the need to get a "real job". over the course of the next five years i worked several jobs, attended college, and continued to draw and work on the artistic side of things. finally with encouragement from my wife, i decided to quit my jobs and school. i was blessed enough to be able to continue my apprenticeship at another local shop (where i still work today). i focused on learning the trade and busting my ass until in early 2009 i began tattooing full time. Tattooing has given me so much, thanks to all of the people who paved the way and to those who have helped me on my way.
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    Pikeville, Ky
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    tattooing, guitar, music, painting, being a husband/dog daddy,
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