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    Ive been tattooing for a little over 30 years and raising a family too.
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    Beautiful downtown Eagle River, Alaska

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  1. Yes Mam.... I am sure there is a lot to be said... But mainly between me and the Clark County Dept of Health..... Such a bureacracy.... And their rules as to laying a shop out, are kinda bass ackwards....


    Anyhow, you know Zeke still is around, and tattoos... I hear about it from one of Richards super close buddies, Anthony Montemajor a shop owner and tattoo artist from San Antonio, TX... Zeke has a station and comes and goes as he pleases...

    I wish I didn't have asuch a big filter on my brain and mouth... But, that's what in person conversations are for... If anything I will fill you in on all the Dirt in SFO at the Bay Area Show....

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