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    Ive been tattooing for a little over 30 years and raising a family too.
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  1. And I tattoo many older people, who keep the fact that they get tattooed hidden from their older parents.
  2. I only recently figured out that waiting for my mom's approval or appreciation of my tattoos is fruitless. I've been waiting for over thirty years & it's not ever going to happen. My mother hates my tattoos, she thinks tattoos are ugly and thinks that they look dirty!!! I realize that when she sees any tattoo- it's as if a veil comes down and she doesn't see content. All tattoos are the same to her. Well you know what was very freeing??? It was my realization that my expecting my mom to accept my tattoos is as unreasonable as her expectation that I would not like them or want to get them
  3. I liken using numbing creams for getting large tattoos to my giving birth-- I've labored and delivered 6 children , 3 with an epidural ( a pain blocker) and 3 naturally ( without) and I love them all the same. I don't think the child that I labored in agony to deliver is any more precious than the others . In recent years I've used Dr Numb - applying it and covering the skin with plastic a couple of hours prior to the start & then applying through the procedure, as needed. It really helped me .
  4. sorry I was attempting to post blog---but i'm not tech savvy. So only posted title. "lessons from Inksmith and Rogers" and aan uncredited photo. Moderater, will you please delete title and photo. Deb
  5. No offense, but in two posts you've mentioned covering or changing your tattoo , in the event of divorce- in order to erase your commemoration of her. I understand " better safe than sorry" but I wouldn't start off with all the negativity. This is what I was saying in my blog; if someone is important enough to you that you want to get something either to represent them, or their name- then just get it and live with it! It really is just a tattoo. If the pin ups hair is blonde and you split up from your blonde wife- who's to know?
  6. I understand where you are coming from too- This is just my opinion though and even though I am dedicated to tattooing and I do think a certain degree of thought must go into getting tattooed, I think that in the long run it is just a tattoo.
  7. What’s In a Name? | TAM Blog Hope you like it
  8. It's such a personal decision. And while I don't think that it's essential that you consider every year of your life following this one - you may want to question "is this something I can live with?
  9. Do you have a car? Are you limited to public transportation. Specifically, what do you want to get? Do you want to collect a few small tattoos or start a sleeve? There are soooo many good tattooers in the city, in the boroughs , upstate , NJ etc. Is that your entire tattoo budget or just to get started? I'm sorry to bombard you with questions but I think your answers will help us direct you better
  10. If you were to come in to my shop with the same request- fix it or add to it, I would ask you to be extremely specific about what YOU think would improve it. Do you not like the sentiment,placement,design? Is it just not aesthetically pleasing to you? You have to make your "vision" known to your tattooer. So, my response to you would be to do absolutely nothing to it,for now.
  11. That's awful!! I think you'd feel like you were being assaulted, I know I would. I'm a tattooer and have always gone out of my way to make people feel comfortable- I know that when the shoe's on the other foot that the personality of the tattooer is as important as his skills.
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