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    I own a private tattoo studio called Prodigy Tattoo in Trenton Ohio. I have been tattooing 10 years and truly passionate about the industry and doing custom tattoos.
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    Trenton Ohio
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    Tattooing, painting and any source of art.
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    Tattoo arrtist

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  1. jeffdavis


    Really well executed tattoo!!!
  2. jeffdavis


    Sweet looking machine. Ill be checking out more of your machines to add to my collection. Do you have a website to order from?
  3. jeffdavis


    Great linework and well executed color bud
  4. jeffdavis

    cholo girl

    Another very solid tattoo
  5. Love it. Nicely done. And Im a big fan of Mickey sharpz tattoo machines. Wish i never had sold mine
  6. Nate your one of my favorite tattooers. You have been inspiring me for years. I went to a one on one realism and new school seminar with Taylor Cort about 3 years ago and you was gonna be there as well but something had come up for you and you left the day before I got there. Of course I still learned a ton from Taylor and got an awesome tattoo from him which was inspired he mention from a story of you breaking your nose at some point lol. Not laughing at you breaking your nose just that I ended up with a tatoo from that story. Some day I look forward to meeting up with you and picking your brain good sir!
  7. jeffdavis

    back piece

    Killer work as always
  8. Super clean crisp work man I dig it!
  9. Brad Pitt inglorious bastards
  10. jeffdavis

    angel fish-1

    Cover up angel fish tattoo
  11. jeffdavis


    New school Alpaca tattoo
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