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    Tattooer currently working at Enigma tattoo in Richmond VA .
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  1. I've Done the re-wrap before with awesome results, I've also had some real problems as well... The best re-wrapping process that has worked for me goes like this 1 leave the original bandage on for a few hours (at least long enough to allow for the thing to bleed out!) 2 wash it with a bar soap and water that is as hot as you can take comfortably 3 let the tattoo air out 4 before you go to sleep rebandage with enough dri-loc pads to cover 5 when you wake up clean the thing real well, same as before ( slimy = not clean) 6 keep it clean and only apply a basic lotion when it's dry Seems like the first 24 hours are the most important, you're body is gonna do the work. Saran wrap seems too sketchy to me at this point, so if re-wrapping is gonna be in the equation, I'd give this a shot and wouldnt mess with it too much. Just eat well and leave it alone.
  2. If someone is "interested" in tattooing, then they're gonna get one... If they're really into it they're gonna get a bunch more, period. That's how you learn anything. There's always exceptions to the rule, but with this thing you have to have them to understand them....looking down five years later shows what is going to work and what won't . You don't just do it and hope for the best...
  3. I think it'll take a while to get acquainted with this thing , but yeah man stop by, we'll do some work!
  4. Grandad had an eagle and shield on one forearm, maybe baseball size. I might have been 12 or so. On the other arm he had an old girlfriend's name, it wasn't grandma's. He never bothered to cover it!!! Later on I asked him where he got them, he said one was in Hong Kong the other in Hawaii ... Dude was a badass...
  5. Thanks, Salvation and Absolute are the best for sure, heavy hitters across the board. I've gotten stuff from both shops over the years and I even worked at Salvation for a bit. If you're ever looking for a real freehand tattoo stop by sometime, that stuff is becoming my new gig.
  6. Hey everyone I'm Dustin and I work at Enigma tattoo in Richmond va . I've been tattooing about ten years now, Stoked that I found out about this forum!
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