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  1. Best picture I could get of my knee at the moment. Only one more rose to fill in before it's done. Again all credit goes to Matt Brotka at Salvation Gallery.
  2. Always nice to see another Virginian on here! Hope you enjoy this forum/site as much as I have.
  3. Already posted this in Latest Tattoo Lowdown but I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. 100 Years of Solitude rib piece Artist: Matt Brotka Shop: Salvation Gallery
  4. Yeah man he is one of the nicest most talented tattooers in Richmond. I just wish he wasn't always booked up like a month and a half in advance.
  5. Have an appointment on December 6th to get my knee done (I am hoping the pain is nowhere near as bad as my ribs). Getting an all seeing eye done by Matt Brotka, super stoked.
  6. Hey man, new here as well. I remember seeing your work at Salvation back when you were there, I gotta stop by Enigma some time to snag something from you.
  7. I want to get an all seeing eye with some roses on either side. Although I am worried about how hard it'll be to get straight lines on the kneecap (not that I don't trust my artist, just a general concern).
  8. Thanks for the welcome man! If I had the money I would, being broke does not lend itself well to getting tattooed. Although I do have an appointment to get my knee done in the beginning of December so I guess I can't complain too much.
  9. My latest, finished a few months ago by Matt Brotka at Salvation Gallery in Richmond. (he didn't do the pumpkin on my ass haha)
  10. I don't really have a problem with people who want to get a better look at my tattoos, I just hate when they expect me to "explain" what they mean. They always seem so let down when they find out that not all tattoos need a Miami Ink explination
  11. Hey guys, my name is Andrew I'm currently living and getting tattooed in Richmond Virginia. Loved the artist interviews and just recently found out about the forums, can't wait to start posting.
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