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  1. Sounds awesome. Anyone know what they're charging? I wouldn't be surprised if it was ~$300 (or 190 pounds) per hour.
  2. I saw this on tv a few weeks ago. A guy in Alaska would get websites tattooed on him to help feed his family. Pretty extreme if you ask me: The body billboard: The people with dotcom tattoos advertising websites that no longer exist | Mail Online
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    Hello all

    Welcome and good luck with your future endeavors!
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    Awesome work man! 12 hours? It seriously blows my mind how someone can stay under the needle for that many hours.
  5. TattooedBeautyInk Welcome! any background info? Age, how many tattoos, who did them, etc?
  6. Sweet work Wes! Keep it up
  7. @Ray - You have any pics of what you want to get done?
  8. Tatu Baby really impressed me this week with her portrait of Yoda. Compared to her other work, it was like a completely different piece.
  9. Done by Kore Flatmo in 2011
  10. Brock - Will do. Got my piece worked on about 2 weeks ago and still have a bit of scabbing. I'll post some when my gf swings by. Graeme - I've had work done by Kore Flatmo and Caesar from Caesar Tattoo in NYC (I will travel anywhere to get work done). Marie Sena does arguably the best traditional tattoo work in the area. I like her work! But unfortunately, I like other styles more. Forgot to add in the earlier post that I am 28 yrs old.
  11. Hello All! I come here hailing from Albuquerque New Mexico. I was a tattoo virgin about 2 years ago and since I've been addicted! I have about 40 hours under the needle thus far and looking to get a few more tattoos and hopefully that'll be it (maybe not though, I've become obsessed)! I've traveled cross country and willing to go anywhere throughout the world to seek out an artist (I love traveling as well). I hope all is well and take care - Mike
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