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  1. Hello -- this is probably the wrong place for this, but anyway here goes. I'm wondering if you know of anyone who tattoos in Edinburgh and does the traditional style, I've already got my first tattoo and now i'm looking to get a Panther tattooed across the front of my thigh, anyone know a good tattoo artist in Edinburgh? Regards, Grant.
  2. let start discussing it, although i'm new to tattooing i know some of the artists going. Lab monkey from stirling are going and so are some members of Frith street in soho. Anyone got any comments? To be honest if i had the cash booking a slot with Valerie for a lady head would save me having to travel to london at a later date.
  3. Just an update, my business launched and we're going strong. I won't be mentioning the name of my business because i don't feel its a good idea to use LST to advertise, so if you wan't details. Let me know!
  4. I didn't, i was merely seeing how you all react to it :)
  5. What are your views on Customer service? Forexample, if a an artist left you sitting around for ages, or perhaps was unprepaired for your booking, I.E you arrive and they basically forgot you're coming. Also would you be more tempted to wait it out if it was an amazing tattoo artist?
  6. I am glad i helped create this magic! :D
  7. Okay, the idea is simple, share the memories of the first thread you seen at Last Sparrow, in my case it was the awesome collection of knuckle tattoo photos, i still revisit that thread :)
  8. I will definitely be checking that out! Any new material i can use to broaden my knowledge of tattooing as a whole is good material to me. Thanks for the stuff dude. So you are the famous Valerie Vargas, Pleasure to meet you. I think you just got put onto my, "Must get tattooed by" List :)
  9. current things i am doing that i consider awesome; Broadening my programming capabilities Starting up my own company (Something i believe is awesome because i have the commitment to do it at a young age) Thats about it really...
  10. Keep Tattoo forums for Tattooing and Piercing forums for piercings. Personally i love both, But as a rule of thumb, i get pierced by a Body Piercer and tattooed by a tattoo artist. I wouldn't mix the two together, they're individual.
  11. All of those links will make a very pleasant read :) Cheers for the links :D
  12. To be honest i have no idea what Frith St is, I'm an eighteen year old from Scotland haha.
  13. Either an eagle on my chest, LArge ship with waves etc on my right leg or a stag with roses on my upper right arm :)
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome, dude!
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