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    sarapressey got a reaction from Shannon Shirley in apology for my 'tattoo study' thread.   
    Well said. :)
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    sarapressey reacted to hogg in Tattoo boooks   
    = My nekkid ass is on your coffee table. :)
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    sarapressey reacted to heathenist in Legendary Female Tattooers...   
    One thing I love about still being in school is the ability to request pretty much any book through the library, thanks to this thread my school will be buying Bodies of Subversion and checking it out to me in a week or so, and because I'm a graduate student I can keep them for months at a time.
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    sarapressey reacted to peterpoose in The ForbesTAT List!   
    I was bored one Sunday and thought I would make a map of decent artists around the world, with their details and small thumbnail of the style they do. I thought it might also help new people to find an artists near them :)
    I am adding to it all the time and trying to incorporate all styles, so if you don't find someone on the list and they should be, I can add them :) or if anyone feels that someone shouldn't be!
    I know alot of the people on here are into old school tattoos, which are basically the ones I know least about.
    Anyhows, here is the link :)
    The ForbesTAT List! - Google Maps
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    sarapressey reacted to else in Looking for a tattoo that will get maximum attention?   
    I guess I've been living in the country too long... I was thinking "what's wrong with rooster tattoos? Lots of people have them!"
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    sarapressey reacted to eisen777 in Tattoo Nation Movie.   
    Stoked on this....a different perspective on tattooing and the history of GTC tattooland. Even tho Im not much into wearing the style I LOVE it and love jack rudy.
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    sarapressey reacted to Tim Hendricks in Tattoo Nation   
    I think what this documentary is going to focus on is 'black and grey' tattooing and where it started. We have a lot of great stuff out there to watch about modern tattooing such as Tattoo Age and Gypsy Gentleman. We also have great documentaries to watch on our previous generation like the Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry flicks, so I think it'll be nice to have a movie that helps define the birth of the fine-line black and grey style that is such a large part of our industry now. I think we'll find out that guys like Ed Hardy, Owen Jensen and Lee Roy Minugh aren't that far apart from guys like Charlie Cartwright, Freddy Negrete and Jack Rudy. I am personally really excited for this, but I guess my emotion is based on biased feelings towards my local childhood heros. Either way, I can't wait to see it.
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    sarapressey got a reaction from else in Relationships and tattoos   
    Another benefit of tattoo collecting ;)
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    sarapressey got a reaction from captaincabinet in You know your an LST member when....   
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    sarapressey reacted to reverend1 in March 2013 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Just for fun, here is my finished dragon by Kore Flatmo.

    Its only eight days into the month and there are already so many amazing tattoos posted. Thats pretty awesome.
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    sarapressey reacted to Joe Stratford in March 2013 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Tattoo by Chad Koeplinger done at Frith Street Tattoo in London, England
    Filled up the spot nicely! (and quickly 2 Hours!)
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    sarapressey reacted to EzRider in March 2013 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    What the heck, I'll throw mine in the ring this month...Got this one back in Janurary.
    Done by Thomas Deaton at Twisted Reality tattoo

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    sarapressey reacted to KYboy in March 2013 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    done by Nick Colella Chicago Tattooing Co. 3/2/2013
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    sarapressey reacted to jacobyoung in March 2013 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Got tattooed by Matt Arriola at the West Texas Tattoo Conv. Super pumped on how this came out.

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    sarapressey reacted to Hogrider in How to tell if an Artist is Genuine?   
    I think it's pretty easy to tell. i was kicking around ideas with my artist. I could tell he wasn't excited about a Koi back piece, but when I asked for suggestions, he got very excited about a Tibetan skull. He was so excited that I got excited and now guess which one I'm getting?
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    sarapressey reacted to Stewart Robson in where did the tattooers go?   
    Thanks for bringing this up @Shannon Shirley while we've never met, people who I think are awesome tell me that you're awesome. Everyone here should pay attention to what this guy says.
    I still check the forums every day but I told myself I'd try to only get involved if I could be constructive in some way (even being a dick in a particular way can have a positive outcome).
    Lately there hasn't been much 'new' information or discussion where I felt my opinion would make any difference. Often someone else gets to the point before I do. I don't want every post I make to be a verbose "Me too."
    On the other hand... The more help or insight we give, the more help or insight we're asked for.
    Everyone likes to say they "Did their research" for their tattoo but that often just means looking at pictures in a Google search or checking Instagram. But what about the kind of research where you follow an idea that someone mentioned and find out for yourself? Learning and discovery is fun. Information discovered is more cherished and valuable than information that's spoon fed.
    Everyone wants a book or website recommendation where the mysteries of life and everything will be explained, with pictures.
    Explorers will eventually tire of conversing with tourists and consumers but they may feel nourished conversing with other explorers. (I use these terms with their proper, non-insulting intention) If more people try to be explorers (intelectual, spiritual or physical) this site, and the world will be a better place.
    I've said it before but I don't come here to help with tattoo questions. We have a phone at Frith Street Tattoo. Helpful people are paid to answer it and answer questions. Most tattoo shops work with a similar system. You can get a helpful answer pretty quickly that way.
    Even if you're in another country. International calls are not very expensive compared to the price of a tattoo.
    I come here because I realised that it was a place where professional opinion meant something. I only started typing when I knew that nobody better qualified had answered. The turning point for me was Bryan Burk's post about Japanese tattoo politics. Finally we had first-hand, sensible and interesting information or opinion from a reliable source instead of conjecture or wiki-regurgitation. I knew then that I'd beter keep my mouth (or keyboard) shut unless I was sure I could contribute something worthwhile.
    I'm aware this approach doesn't make for a lively forum but it was great to see it in action earlier this year when Bart Bingham put a halt to some whining about tattooers drawing directly on the skin with a simple, direct and thoughtful post.
    Sorry for the lack of links to threads and @ mentions. LST seems to be loading extremely slowly so I couldn't check where stuff was.
    Other that the fact that one of my favourite tattooers started this site, I still like it that real-world experience holds water over post-count here at LST. I also like it that the mods (well, the one's I've met) are heavily covered with genuinely great tattoos. That really makes a difference.
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    sarapressey reacted to YOMONEY in where did the tattooers go?   
    im newish with a rising post count, so i hope im not a suspect here. im just here to browse and not really post in the tattoo subjects where people know way more than me, share about my laser experience, share random other shit in subforums, and then get some damn good art work going. i understand that the tattoo world, just like everything else in life, is a give/give culture. ive learned more in just the few months that ive been here than a lifetime of reading magazines or talking to people on the street. im greatful for that.
    but i agree about the artists not being on here kind of sucks. when i got here i was learning a lot from guys like stewert and mario.
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    sarapressey reacted to Shannon Shirley in where did the tattooers go?   
    I started on here about a year and a half ago, I would not like to see this site crumble. It seems to me that lately, less and less knowledgable people are commenting,posting etc. It also seems that thier are more lurkers with "I know some shit" attitudes. those that fit this profile should understand that you are ruining this site. This site was started in hope of an intelligent place where some could learn about the nuances of this craft. Stating amateur attitudes on here does not help.Having gotten three tattoos does not make you an authority.
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    sarapressey reacted to Bunny Switchblade in Tattoo Culture Magazine   
    A big THANK YOU to those who liked what i had to say and mentioned me in this thread!
    I would love to see this in print too...I really enjoy being able to look through a magazine if it is worth looking through!
    There are bound to be bugs and glitches....and grammatical errors and such BUT I really love what they are trying to do!
    I didn't want to say too much in the Tattoo Collector Magazine thread but i think most got the "hint" LOL
    Support this please! tattooists actually taking the initiative to educate the public....it has been missing from the community other than places like this site and maybe a few others!
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    sarapressey reacted to metalmancpa in Exercise/Fitness Thread   
    I was a cardio junkie for 25 years - 1 hour per day 5-7 days per week doing either the Elliptical or Spinning. Weight wise I was fine - 5'10.5", 162lbs pretty much for the past decade. Then in Apr 2012 I won a Facebook contest - got the Beachbody (makers of P90X and Insanity) program RevAbs signed by Brett Hoebel (was a Biggest Loser trainer for a year) and a Skype session with Brett. Totally changed me. In 90 days of RevAbs I took off 10+ lbs and 1.5" off the waist, and really got some good lean muscle. My core is strong. Since then, I've stuck with Beachbody programs, doing Les Mills Pump, then another round of RevAbs (different calendar), and currently doing Les Mills Combat. On deck is P90X.
    At 52 years old I'm in the best shape of my life, and back in Oct 2012 I kind of got proof of the benefits of my fitness. I ran a Spartan Sprint (obstacle course) race inside Fenway Park in Boston. Did obstacles like carrying a 60lb sandbag on my shoulders climbing up and down the bleachers, raised a 150lb cement block to the rafters, plenty of burpees, carry (2) 30lb water jugs down and up a long flight of stairs in the stadium, etc. Out of 3,060 competitors, mostly in the 20's to lower 30's age group, I placed 348th overall, and 4th in my age group (50-54), and without event specific training. I get a good mix of lean muscle strength training (lower weight, higher reps) and HIIT cardio with the Beachbody programs, and they work for me. Plus, once a day I have a meal replacement shake (Shakeology) mixed with fruit, peanut butter, etc, and that aids me in keeping constant with weight and overall fitness.
    In a way it's too bad, because I have some really nice home gym equipment that cost a lot of money that isn't getting much use these days. A Hoist V5 single stack weight machine, a Nordic Trac x-country skier, and Trimline treadmill, a spin bike, and a Life Fitness Elliptical. Now I use the DVD programs along with various dumbbell weights. Works for me.
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    sarapressey reacted to TrixieFaux in Ink and Iron convention.   
    cool, thanks for the info @Lance and @sarapressey. She's a pretty good kid, that is, unless she's bored. We don't need her seeing pole dancers...but we would just avoid that area. She does love tattooed rockabilly chicks. I'll think about it.
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    sarapressey got a reaction from TrixieFaux in Ink and Iron convention.   
    You can bring kids. I saw a few kids there last year. I wouldn't recommend taking them into Sin Alley. Although I did see a man with a young child on his shoulders watching the pole dancers. My friend and I laughed with a guy that was trying to get a picture of the kid and the pole dancers in the background. I was surprised to see a kid there-- I thought that area was 18+. Otherwise, it's a pretty kid-friendly event as long as he/she is well-behaved.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Last year, there was a man walking around with a young boy (maybe around 8-10 yrs old) who had no shirt on and was covered in temporary tattoos. A women asked if she could take a picture of him and the boy responded, "Five Dollars." So some kids seem to have fun. I don't know what your daughter's interests are, but she may like the cars, rockabilly people, and seeing the Queen Mary.
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    sarapressey reacted to ShawnPorter in Curious...   
    New overalls.
    - - - Updated - - -

    I almost went with this one, but that's more the fitness thread :D
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    sarapressey reacted to Brock Varty in Curious...   
    I don't have any normal pictures of me right now. So with great shame, I give you me in my "shop uniform"...
    - - - Updated - - -
    I don't have any normal pictures of me right now. So with great shame, I give you me in my "shop uniform"...
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    sarapressey reacted to David Flores in Curious...   
    We are all one face tattoo away from a lucrative modeling career.
    I kind of like this thread, gives me something besides an avatar to associate people with.
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