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    30 year old South African woman living in London .Tattoo/ food / music/ bikram yoga lover.
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  1. So I hear - thanks ! Curious to hear from anyone with experience of an infection.
  2. I'm getting my leg tattooed for the second time in a couple weeks and the last leg tattoo I got developed a staph infection and the healing process was so ,so brutal . Swelling and pain wise - I was limping around like a world war 2 vet with all the whooshing my leg was doing . Tattoo healed like a boss though : ) So people who have experienced infections or ink allergies, would you say that it makes recovery harder / more painful ? As always, thanks.
  3. I'd be down to meet up for a beer if a crowd gets together. Getting tattooed at FST the week prior so no tattoos for me unless I get a walk up ,just going to cruise around and check out the art.
  4. His work is pretty rad - thanks for the heads up Graeme.
  5. Oh definitely SStu! But thank you.
  6. Thanks Graeme, there are heaps of solid traditional artists in my area - I'm just trying to hunt down that exact piece...long shot I realise. I would travel anyway.
  7. Thank you both for taking time to respond, so appreciated. I can't remember much about the book bar that it featured alot of varied traditional work and I think it was broken up into themes ....Bert Krak was stuck in my mind but looked at so many books that time,could be non related. I emailed his site and am waiting on a reply anyway -but think the artist was US based.
  8. That's the problem - I don't have one. I saw it in a book and copied the artists name into my phone which brilliantly got stolen. I had just been tattooed for 4 hours so was feeling a little cracked out when I saw it and for the life of me can't recall who it was by. Anyway , its a traditional style wolf , howling at the moon and underneath there is banner saying Forever Alone , or I am forever alone or something similar in traditional lettering. Any clues?
  9. I'm Kieran and I'm an alcoholic. Oh wait... Joined the forum in the hopes that someone can help me identify the artist of a traditional tattoo I fell hard in love with and can't track down.I am tortured by it.
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