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  1. I was lucky enough to set up appointments with Steve Boltz and Dan Santoro in march. This will be my first time visiting NYC and now I'm even more psyched about it!
  2. Quick Question: Does anybody know the artist who did this tattoo? Or maybe a Flash of the Design?
  3. Hey, I'm selling this nice FST Shirt size small. Valerie Vargas drew the Design printed on the Shirt. I'm located in Germany but international shipping should be possible. Unfortunately the shirt is too small for me. Bummer. So it's brand new.
  4. awesome. i got some work from alex, too. great dude. would love to see some more of your stuff
  5. Yesterday was a good day. Got some sweet filler tattoos from Alex Wild
  6. I am more than happy with what came out of my trip to Amsterdam. Kim-Anh Nguyen did this tattoo at the wonderful Salon Serpent. Photo taken by her and stolen by me.
  7. Maybe Guy Le Tattoer Keep an eye open for the AKA Shop in Berlin and the artists working there. akaberlin.com
  8. Hope to get something from him when he's at the strasbourg convention in may.
  9. Thank you. It was done in early 2012 while he was still working in germany
  10. Speaking of Torso Tattoos that blew your mind: Yutaro of Skull & Sword SF posted this a few days ago:eek:
  11. This is one hell of a hard month to win this contest. Love all of these tattoos.
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