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  1. He was really excited to do the tattoo he never was nervous about doing it. I did see previous work of his on my friend and it looked fantastic, so I went to that same artist. I did go back at one point and asked him if it was looking / healing OK. He said it was healing fine but it would need touch up. He is new to pixel art tattooing. I want the pig I don't want a cover up with something else. I would like to get him fix or touched up. I also want the minecraft chicken on the other leg. I have yet to go back to talk to this artist. I appreciate your opinions and offer to fix it but at th
  2. i know it has been a wile since we all last chatted about my tattoo. Here is a 5mth tattoo picture. I will try to get newer one today. yeah touch up is needed to the poor pig
  3. It is a minecraft pig. and I saw the work on my friend who got his tattoo from the same artist and my friend's tattoo looks fine and my friend got it for free... the pig costed me $80. I was talking with my husband and he said let it heal for a month or two and see what it looks like then. He said the tattoo artist spent too much time where the scab and ink came off to early. My husband said I might have even gotten it to wet while cleaning it one day and that made the scab prematurely fall off. I wanted to go to my previous artist who did an fantastic job on my back tattoo, but I don't know
  4. the tattoo posted above is my tattoo. Here is one with out anything on it. my concern is is the tattoo going to be ok? or will i have to have it re-touched when it heals? I was cleaning it one day when the scab came off that is the darker red area seen in photo. - - - Updated - - - yes the tattoo was done in a shop, and the artist is my best friend's friend.
  5. this is with nothing on the tattoo
  6. Kimber Maietta

    100 7570

    2week old tattoo. the dark red area is where the scab came off. Is this normal?
  7. 3 hours on my lower back with 3 breaks within the session. so painful, but it was years ago i hardly remember the pain of the healing
  8. Kimber Maietta

    pig tattoo

    2 week tattoo, is it normal for the scab to fall off in week one? will this heal and look normal?
  9. week 2 with new tattoo on left leg above ankle. I can't sleep on my favorite side, the left side, I can only sleep on my right side or my stomach or back. My back is sore from sleeping on just one side. The foot swells up at random times and the area of where the tattoo is at still stings and tender. One small tattoo and so much pain...
  10. I have been proper after care, washing, and putting bacitracin on it. With in the first week a scab appeared and came off during a few washes. Is this normal? Will the tattoo heal and still look good? or will it be forever be yucky looking like the picture? I am worried that I have messed up my own tattoo.
  11. Kimber Maietta


    well hello I, Kimber am new to the Last Sparrow Tattoo forums. I found this site by googling a question about my newest tattoo. I hope to find answers to my questions. I currently have two tattoos. One tattoo is a few years old while the second one is almost two weeks old.
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