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    We are Second Skin Studios, consisting of Second Skin Tattoo and Second Skin Design. We are located in St. Mary's, GA. At the design shop we print anything from apparel to stickers and banners. We do a lot of tattoo prints so if you want something printed let me know!
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    St. Mary's, GA
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    Tattoos, piercings, music.
  1. This is ridiculous. I wonder how he will feel about it in 10 years.
  2. thigh was definitely my worst. i thought my hand would be but that was actually quite painless.
  3. I already have a full sleeve on my right arm up to where the portrait will go. My 3/4 sleeve will be on my left but I already have something from where that will end up until the one on my left hand already.
  4. My next tattoo will be a portrait of Zach Galifianakis on my right hand at the end of this month, followed by my underwater 3/4 sleeve in january. Pretty stoked.
  5. The jobs I have had, have not been a problem for me because i dont have anything "offensive". I have had trouble finding a job at times because of my tattoos and their visibility. However, I have come to realize I quite frankly don't care anymore and I'm getting covered regardless. Now working for a design shop and tattoo shop it doesnt really matter. I do get looks from older folks who come into the design shop to get shirts but our main goal is providing apparel for other tattoo shops so I do not care anymore. Times are changing anyways and everyone is getting tatted nowadays so soon it
  6. bride of frankenstein.
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    woodbinestock hoodie
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    one of the artists from the tattoo shop joe king and our buddy chris.
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    heater for screening
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    screen printing
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