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  1. I posted some pics in my gallery, please check them out, let me know what you think, sorry for the poor quality.
  2. well a month in, the 3 bad spots, pretty much lost all the ink, even due to the fact that the scabs fell off natural. those spots are still not healed 100%. i figure when i go back for the touch up, i am thinking of just washing the tat a few times a day, and not use any suave,or creme.i am going to approach it as a wound, see what happens.
  3. its not infected, i was just looking for some input, as to why/how it happened, and understand it could have happened many ways, most likely my fault. My " healing routine" will have to be adjusted, just don't know how to go about it.lol. i just followed what the tattooer had told me. Thanks for all the responses!
  4. the worst part is the dude with the tat has to see it in a mirror, :D - - - Updated - - - that's a masterpiece.
  5. right on dude, your beard is huge!
  6. yeah it is crazy people need to rob and take the lively hood of another person, well if any thing just hope they do shitty work with your old stuff. and dan s break some fingers, that sounds like the old days fallen off garage roofs, only did it once, no need to repeat.
  7. Hey all, i would like to get any opinions on my new tat. i went in for a 3 hr sit, i wont really get in to the details too much of the tat or the tattooer. the dude completed the tat, suaved it up, put a bandage on it, on my way i went. 2-3 hrs later i remove the bandage no problems, i cleaned it let it dry, patted it out, applied a light coat of aquaphor. it was late i crashed. In the morning the tat looked fine, wash, pat dry aquaphor, i did this for 3 days, then went to lubiderm creme, 4 days now the whole tat was peeling, and had some smaller scabs, on one part i noticed the skin/ink mix part kind of pulled out, it looked funky to me, it scabbed good, this never happened to me on any other i have. so the next day, i pushed some what hard on a3 of the scabs, and a clear liquid, and pus, came out, need i say that one has fallen off, but another scab has now appeared, i think i got a minor infection from the tat, because the shop looks clean, the dude used new tubes, and needles, i never brought that on my tat, i also clean it with bare hand, and use new paper towels, while its healing. so after all that i have 2 questions, the one bad scabbed area is now a scar? what should i say to the dude when i go back for a touch up?
  8. I seen a guy cut out a tattoo he had, it was a heart with his ex ladys name, got rid of the name, but left a nasty looking scar I told him he should have had it covered, now its a nasty looking scar.,
  9. My old homemade tats, puff up now and then, nothing to worry about, it just crazy, because I can feel them under some new ink I have. Seems to happen to me in colder temps.
  10. I live here in mesa, its all about the mormons. I hate to say it but this state is pretty much ass backwards, they legalize mj, but have no where to get it, then when they opened up dispensers, they bust them? Then, grow your own, o wait , now you cant grow your own, all the time the state government has collected millions of tax payers dollars for the mj program, total scam!
  11. i agree 100%. its ink pushed into your skin, its not a painting, people get pimples, cuts ect, when i was younger i would freak out about my single tattoo, now 25 years later it still looks good to me, all the fine detail is long gone, and the color is faded. And a few i did my self with Indian ink, and a needle, just got covered.lol
  12. Thats a total bummer, check craigslist, ebay for them for sale, or check out your local pawn shops. good luck.
  13. cookabowl

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    flames looking good!
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