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    No need to wash it multiple times a day. If you're treating it like a wound, just leave it alone dude. The more you fuck with it, the more fucked up it'll get. Do you have pictures?
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    cookabowl reacted to gougetheeyes in My latest tatoo experince   
    Sounds like you got some infected spots for whatever reason. If it's still hurting/seeping goo, you can slather some bacitracin on it and wrap it back up with saran wrap for a day or so. I've had one instance of infection (100% my fault..) and that did the trick. Your tattooer will most likely have to go over those spots once they've healed.
    What'd you get? Got a picture?
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    Also, for your healing routine, everyone's different, but I've found a lot of folks who incessantly wash and dry and lotion and wash and dry and lotion tend to have problems. All that constant care is just going to irritate it. In the future, the more you leave it alone, the better it will -- most likely -- heal.
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    cookabowl reacted to SStu in My latest tatoo experince   
    If it's not infected, you're just going to have to wait and see (at least a month, maybe 2), but it shouldn't be a scar.
    If it needs re-touching, tell your artist just like it happened. Shouldn't be a big deal.
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    cookabowl reacted to Jake in Full Back Piece Thread   
    one more as long as I'm posting Skulls and Snakes back pieces... This one's by Tim Hendricks and I love how much the water adds dimension and layers to this piece

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