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  1. Just saw the episode where they tattooed over scars. Why did the Japanese dragon have a wrinkly penis for a snout?
  2. This might not count but I just made an appointment for eyeliner on March 23!! yippee!!! Since I won't be able to exercise for like a week and a half I will probably getting something else around then too
  3. Yeah my tattoer is a stellar guy and always goes the extra mile. I went in one day to set something up and he was doing an add on/ cover up on a guy who wanted a bunch of clouds bcz that's all he had $ for. He would NOT do that and added more without extra charge just to make the guy's arm turn out good. - - - Updated - - - ETA: I often add tip on credit card but I know that they take the amount out of the till and give it to my artist in cash. So no service charge on it. I did tip in cash once when I had the cash and wanted to tip over the allowed amount. You definitely give extra love when you appreciate your artist (not that that is why you should do it)
  4. Apparently I tip enough to make my tattooer think I made a mistake as last time he said "Are you sure? This is a lot." (It wasn't really a LOT)
  5. Shin? I had that done and it wasn't bad at all. Was it his first one? And he brought his own pillow? WTF The web looks really good... it's an elbow right? Yowzers
  6. Ughhhh just got my foot done. Taking advantage of the holidays off from work but it is swollen and still hurts like hell
  7. Next up is an anchor on my foot. I am anxious to cover up some scars... but scared. Esp when my artist raised his eyebrows when I said foot. Eeks!
  8. My entry into worst names: Freestyle Tatz 4 U
  9. Thanks, reverend1! I am quite pleased with it. It just peeled this morning too :)
  10. I won $50 on a scratch ticket too!!! I also got: an ice cube tray that makes pi shaped cubes for my martinis a painting I saw in Ohio and *loved* a couple of books, dvds, and an xbox game a couple of card games nailpolish jammies a clarisonic mia an ipod/ipad/iphone easel a pop up speaker for my iphone I know I am forgetting some things...
  11. I just got this Tiki man this past Saturday at the original Atomic No idea how you guys do that cool thumbnail linky thing.
  12. Yes - I've felt this too. I didn't cry but I was shocked and slightly regretful (not long-term... just like... WHAT DID I DO?!). It definitely got less as I got more. I haven't felt it in the last several but they are in the same area... I wonder what will happen if I move to somewhere fresh.
  13. Yippee!!!!! Altho I might have liked his more than Steve's... the latter looks faded
  14. You mean... again? Lol Can't stand Sebastian... Excuse City - - - Updated - - - Hab... And she's smart too! Not good at haircutting challenges?! WTF
  15. I am booked for a Tiki on Saturday. Waiting to see what the art looks like. :)
  16. Looking awesome, reverend1. How long did you sit? When is your next session? Is your wife's complete? It's really nice and bright!
  17. Tifffany


    I saw him a looong time ago (well not as long as some)... in the 90s I think? It was good but he was sick so it was cut short. Oh well!
  18. Tifffany


    Welcome!! I like Morrissey too - lol
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