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  1. This has been a great thread - I realize I need to be more appreciative of how my folks and family have reacted to my ink! When I first started getting tattooed (almost 20 years ago now) my Mom hated them. We had to have the "why are you doing this to me" and "I don't see why you want to deface your body" conversations where I had to explain that none of my tattoos were about HER and that I didn't see it as defacement. Over the years, and many more tattoos (big hiatus in the middle where I got an eyebrow piercing instead, ha!) she now understands that this is a form of my own self express
  2. I'd second Sara Purr at Rabid Hands. Her stuff is really awesome.
  3. Was in there Sunday getting the outline of my new bird from Bryan. Cool shop, nice guys, AWESOME vibe. Sara Purr (Instagram) is also there - she's doing some really great old school traditional stuff and is new enough to Seattle that you can sometimes get a walk in with her.
  4. Not sure what you are trying to keep from touching - but when I did parts of my back I used a more molded cup and actually just tucked one strap into the cup. Threw a tight camisole over it and went along my day. Just didn't wear a strap for a few days.
  5. My 2cents - for all my recent work I've had a mix of "see it when I show up" and "hey, whatcha think?" In all cases but one I've been super stoked with what I saw. I am starting my second half sleeve this weekend and for the first time asked him to change something. Strangely, I felt REALLY bad asking for a change! I know he's cool with it, and I know I am giving him a lot of latitude so his style will come through... but I wish I could have just gone with it. Unfortunately, I just couldn't. So.. now I'm waiting to see the next rev and as long as it gives me the feel I am looking for, I
  6. Bringing this back a little from the dead, I know, but I'm glad you got to chat with Bryan. He's cool people - all my latest work is from him and we have another appt scheduled for early September to start on some arm stuff. Any of the guys at that shop are super neat though. September seems so far away... I'll have to stop by the booth at the expo and say hey at least. I'd love to see him get more work... but then it just gets harder for ME to see him!
  7. Slave to the Needle does some really awesome work (I am actually fairly near their original shop here in Ballard) but the shop vibe at Cicada is amazing and you can really tell these guys love the art and appreciate each other. It's a cool place to walk into.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome folks!
  9. This has been a really interesting thread. I've had tattoos since I was in my 20's - I was careful to get them in places they generally didn't show or wouldn't if I didn't want them to. When I was 30 I pierced my eyebrow - wore a ring for a long time although I've since gone to a barbell. Recently I got chest tattoos and, although they are still in places I can cover them if needed, I wear a decent number of shirts that show peaks of them although I don't when I don't know my audience. I am currently a Director in IT at a telecommunications company. One of the other Directors is working
  10. Thanks! Figured I should go legit. ;) Heya neighbor to the south! The stuff I got before the break was from the old Superstar (they expanded at one point and are now Super Genius), Hidden Hand in Fremont and from the old Revolution Tattoo who are now a Slave To The Needle location. Those old ones aren't bad but, honestly, nothing with OMG factor. Since then, I've learned quite a bit... ;) The new stuff is being done by Bryan Kachel at Cicada Tattoo http://www.facebook.com/cicadatattoo?fref=ts He's done some old school traditional crows on my outer chest and on the 21st I go back i
  11. Hello everybody! The last time I was in getting tattooed (mid- September) my artist mentioned this site as we were talking other tattoo sites. Since then, I've been lurking and reading and figured it was time to say hi so I could join in the conversation. I took about a 9 year break from getting tattooed and then decided that life was too short and I was back in the chair for more! I look forward to reading more and hopefully contributing to the community.
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