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  1. Theres such a thing as over-moisturizing tattoos? I have 2 full sleeves and my back done, after the initial 3 day Aquaphor phase I would put Lubriderm 3-5 times a day or whenever it was super dry and my tattoos have healed great. What happens if you over-moisturize?
  2. I dont get whats wrong with "model" type tattoos. Tattoos are art. Art is made to be appreciated, and theres nothing wrong with showing off your tattoos, or even being "commercialized". I feel its the older clientele that make this a big deal, somewhat an elitist point of view at times I might add.
  3. For tebori only the shading is done with the stick? Outline is still done by machine?
  4. My boy has his right arm done by Jun Cha. Owl on his forearm and some religious piece on his upper arm, flew from NY to LA to do 8+ hour sessions. Jun Cha is a hell of an artists, but a lot of B&G artist' pictures of piece look A LOT better than how they look in real life. The shine, newness, maybe a little camera work and it looks amazing. In person, while still quality work, obviously doesnt pop as much.
  5. I woudnt call this traditional though. It looks a bit cartoony to be traditional, but its an awesome tattoo. The background use on the bottom is a nice touch.
  6. Finger...nail? You can get that tattooed? The absolute worst for me by far is the top of the shoulder. Not the deltoid but literal top where your deltoid I guess meets your trap muscle. I could BARELY take the pain. Elbow hurt as well, both the inside and actual elbow. Bicep for me surprisingly wasnt bad at all, even near the armpit. My back hurt A LOT more than I thought as well. A 3 hour outline session got me tapping out.
  7. Who said they woudnt be quality tattoos? Regardless of the price, the shop should still be doing GOOD, cool little tattoos. Line work is important with these little fun tattoos, and most importantly the design. Just cause they are cheap doesnt mean youre getting cheap effort and work. Thats a terrible analogy with the McDonalds thing.
  8. The shading on the right side of the "to" and that general area does seem a bit off, but overall I dont think it looks too bad at all. Cant see a crooked smiley either.
  9. LA has tons of amazing artists. You do have to look at different factors, if you are looking at straight instagrams or portfolios, well some artists put more care into how their pictures look than others. Also what kind of tattoo are you getting? Depending on what style you want, you may/may not need to travel to see a particular artist. I feel like nowadays, people get hooked on something they see on IG for example, thinking only THAT artist can pull it off when you probably have the talent in your own city already.
  10. Awesome moth, I was considering getting one as well on my elbow ditch. The "tiger" stripes on the wings are a really nice touch.
  11. Kyle Sajban from Red Rocket Tattoo NYC. Back hurt A LOT more than I thought it would.
  12. Why is it the downfall? Dont think its a big deal at all, if I were an artist and I posted a picture on instagram, then yeah no filter to really show the work, but thats the only case where I would think a filter should not be done.
  13. Finally done after 16 hours. Rodrigo Melo out of Northstar Tattoo in NYC.
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