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  1. Hey all, The Few and Far is a project myself and my friend Travis Meisky first embarked on about one year ago. The goal was to create short documentary films about passionate and interesting people. The people that put their hearts into their work and make those around them better while they do it. We wanted to meet, engage with and befriend these people that we found inspiring. Creating for the sake of creation As the introduction to the series, tattooer, artist, business owner, husband and father of four children DJ Rose is an exemplary subject for what we aimed to accomplish. I thought this would be appealing to the folks here at LST. If you like it, I'd love if you shared it. Thanks for looking. The Few and Far - DJ Rose on Vimeo -Ryan Ryan Scott - Photographer
  2. Finished up this piece with Martin Lacasse at Olde City Tattoo in Philly. Based off of a Yoshitoshi print from 28 Famous Murders With Verse. Couldn't be happier.
  3. Update on my 3/4 and chest panel by Martin Lacasse. It seemed like SO much black but now that we're into the color it seems much brighter. Marty only does two hour sessions, which is fine for the wallet and the sessions are a breeze(except collar bone, that was awful). Probably two more sessions of color to go. Crappy pic, kind of difficult to take yourself.
  4. Agreed, but he doesn't seem to mind either way. Definitely a tattooers' tattooer. Super humble but incredibly talented and he stays plenty busy from the people that actually know how good he is. It makes me even happier getting work from him.
  5. Some progress photos on the piece Martin Lacasse is doing for me at Olde City Tattoo. Just started color at the end of the last session. Excited to start seeing it come together.
  6. Thanks man. I believe that - we has a couple of 5-6 hour sessions. I'll be looking for updates on your back on IG. When's the next sitting?
  7. I saw this a while ago and certainly appreciate a reminder to watch it again. When I first saw this, I was researching getting my first tattoo and it made me think differently about the whole experience. A lot of my friends are tattoo snobs(and I say that in the most complimentary way) so I had a lot of good influences leading up to it. I agree with this whole-heartedly, both with tattoos and most everything I devote my time, energy and money to. Music always comes to mind. I believe, like H3 touched on in the video, that there is an essence and soul in great art. Music that is written with some kind of genuine, intentional thought to it is always evident over, say, Rihanna or Kid Rock's newest radio hit. The same goes for people who build classic cars by welding and fabricating something from nothing vs. someone bolting on shiny wheels and parts to try make their car look the part. And so on. The average person that likes shiny, easily attainable things will never know the difference. The people that know, really know and I think it's important to have enough respect for any given craft to be one of those people. Since IG introduced video last week I've already seen some artists start to utilize it to show their work. Especially with larger pieces, it's a great way to really show how the piece looks and not have to make diptychs and triptychs in a single photo.
  8. I figured I'd post a couple of in progress pics of my arm/chest. Martin Lacasse at Olde City. All the linework in about 3.5 hours. Sorry for the lousy phone pics. It's based on the Yoshitoshi print attached. The lower samurai is pretty closely referenced, but the severed head on his waist in the print is on the chest panel and he went nuts with the ghost/shadow samurai on the top half of my arm. One session of shading done so far, another in 3 weeks. -Update- Little better photo of the top w/ shading.
  9. I'll give Aquaphor a try. I'm pretty anal about cleaning things twice a day. I do sweat like a mess though, so that could add to it. Thanks.
  10. I finished this a couple of months ago and someone mentioned adding it to a contest. I forgot then, so throwing my hat(or leg) in the ring here. Dana Helmuth at Read Street Tattoo in Baltimore.
  11. Yea, I wasn't saying I was scared of anything like that and know pimples are common, I just was wondering if anyone else was prone to a lot of pimples on tattooed areas in the weeks following getting tattooed and may have tried alternative ways that they'd have to share. I've gone less and less with ointment each sitting I've had but it doesn't seem to help. I've always used A&D; maybe Aquafor or others breath better. Again, I know it's no big deal but often those pimples swell, dry out and cause the skin to break, which adds a little bit of time to healing for me. And an arm full of pus filled pimples is something I generally try to avoid regardless. ;) Thanks. I'll give Aquaphor a shot after my next sitting. That's the answer I was hoping someone would say. I think that's part of it, but also only happens right after I get tattooed. Thanks for the reply.
  12. I don't know if my skin just gets clogged easily but a few days after getting tattooed I always break out with a bunch of pimples all over the area. I use A&D for about 3-5 days then switch to lotion after. I've tried several different lotions. This happened on my lower leg(about 10-12 at a time) and is now doing it again on my arm. It's not the end of the world, but if anyone else has had it happen a lot and found a way to prevent it I'd love to hear it.
  13. I started a 7/10 sleeve and chest panel with Martin Lacasse about three weeks ago at Olde City. It's a samurai piece based on the Yoshitoshi print below and what he drew up floored me. He did all the line work(a lot) in about 3.5 hours for the first sitting and we just did the first shading session Friday. If I had the money I'd go every couple of days because I'm fiending to see what this looks like completed.
  14. Thanks. I'm a photographer by trade so I told him I'd shoot this when it healed up. I think I'd make a small fortune having tattoo shops hire me to set up mini easy to use photo studios in the corner of their shop. I see so much great work online that doesn't look nearly as good as it actually is because of bad photos in crappy lighting. They don't need to photoshop it together like I did, but good light makes all the difference.
  15. I put this in my newbie thread, but figured I'd post it here in case folks were interested. Dana Helmuth at Read St in Baltimore. update: smaller photo
  16. RScott

    Hey guys

    Finished up the piece with Dana Helmuth a few weeks ago and I got around to shooting some decent photos of it all healed up. I'm really happy with it and can't wait for whatever is next.
  17. I'm a newb, but when I was on Dana Helmuth's site I saw this and it kills.
  18. I thought this seemed relevant to the conversation. Here's a photo I noticed on Mr. Robson's Instagram from a few weeks ago of extending a half sleeve into a full. From the looks of the half sleeve, thoughts of extending it might have been brought up at the time because it looks like it ended in a way that made it easy to extend seamlessly.
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