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  1. So I've got a tattoo I don't like which I'm considering blacking out, and I've been looking online for examples of sleeves that incorporate a blacked out tattoo. I'm finding mostly examples that incorporate it into the geometric style, some even with white ink over the blacked out tattoo. However, all of the tattoos on my other arm are done in the Traditional American style so my concern is that the two styles won't jive well together. I don't mean to start another "mixing styles" thread but I would like to get some opinions. If you've got some examples of the two styles together or you are wearing them yourself, I'd be very interested in seeing. Thanks,
  2. I know there have been many discussions about mixing different tattoo styles on the Internet (mixing Japanese and Traditional, etc) but for whatever reason I haven't been able to find anything on mixing traditional with geometric blackwork. I've got mostly traditional tattoos (and one Japanese) and I'm considering getting a black/gray Mandala. In my head I think it can work but being someone that does care about opinions, I'd like to know yours. Please shoot me some links to examples of this or a similar setup if you can. Thanks,
  3. Yes, that's correct. Just blacking out the tattoo would look odd IMO. It's either that or 2 years of laser. Overkill you think?
  4. That's another route I was thinking of going - One arm trad and the other jacked up arm partial blackout and blackwork, etc. Been looking a lot at Nathan Mould's work for that other arm lately.
  5. Rikhall - you don't think one arm traditional and the other arm blackwork would jive well?
  6. Other arm is traditional - cobra, eagle, wolf, tiger, girl head, etc.
  7. Thanks for the response SStu. I've seen quite a few sleeves on the interwebs where someone will have their forearm blacked out with the rest of the sleeve above it showing. I'd actually be very surprised if nobody on this forum has something like that.
  8. Hi, I've got an arm that is just an utter mess. I could really use some direction in getting back on track. A couple years ago I started lasering a bad forearm sleeve outline and it's finally ready for cover-up. I'm considering covering it with a new Koi forearm sleeve but this time from a more reputable artist. On the same arm (rear tricep) I have another piece that I'm just not happy with and I'm considering just blacking out my bicep. It's color and I'm just not committed to lasering for another two to three years. Question - Are there any examples of a blackout/Japanese arm out there? I'd love to see what it looks like. I'm even considering adding some negative blackwork pieces to the black so if there are any examples of blackwork with Japanese I'd be interested in seeing them as well. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Mark, reading it now.. So far it looks like I'm going to be a culturally insensitive jerk since I'm considering a sugar skull too. - - - Updated - - - I suppose it would give me some encouragement to hear from others like me who chose the design despite not being Native American as well.
  10. Hey I got a newb question - I'm really diggin' the idea of an Indian Girl head on my shoulder but not for any symbolic reason, I just think they look good. I figure there are plenty of you with Japanese or Sailor themed tats that aren't Japanese or Sailors right? Is there some kind of symbolism I should know about before I consider? I know it's a dumb question but whatever, I'd appreciate a sincere answer. LOL Thanks in advance.
  11. Are your other 490 posts this helpful? :) - - - Updated - - - I dig all the artists. However, in this case I feel Steve Goodspeed is the guy for this job. While a small tattoo, he will put time and detail into it and won't just dismiss it as another simple rose/skull tattoo. I also like his enthusiasm about doing it. I can tell he loves his craft. As for Chip Douglas, I put down a deposit to get some work done by him too. If you look at his portfolio, he's got a style a lot like Lucky's and does a good snake which is what I might be going with. He's booked out a few months so I still haven't chatted with him about the piece yet.
  12. I actually think this looks perfect as an inner forearm tattoo. Look at the shape and how it complements the forearm muscles. I'd put the top of the skull right in the elbow ditch.
  13. I've seen their studio before in Newport-Mesa. That Jesus piece by Joel Bones looks serious. I'll check em out.
  14. I really like sugar skulls and I'd love to have one tattooed one day but it seems like there are so many options it can be overwhelming. For those of you who are tattoo artists or have sugar skull tattoos, what is/was your creative process like? For example, I really like the ones with diamonds in them, and pin stripes. If you got one you like please post it.
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