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  1. That's because it's only been launched for one day.... Google hasn't indexed my website. I already posted some pics in other topics
  2. Sleeve by Peter Lagergren is way too nice!!!!
  3. Well, I agree, I like "Don't close your eyes" the best. But Atlas is still a heavy album. Just in another way Horizons and don't close your eyes are...
  4. I am looking for a tiger design myself. I want it on my right knee
  5. Thanx for the advice on Foo Dogs and Kirin! Looks promosing!
  6. I'm Robin. I've got a few tatoo's myself. And since a short while I lauched a new promosing website: www.TattooArchiver.org is a brand new website where you can submit your ink, browse the archive, search tattoo artists and come up with ideas for a new tattoo-design. Wouldn't it be awesome to share your decorated body with other tattoo lovers and maybe help them decide what their next ink will look like? Yeah? Hit us up with a picture of yours! Beside our tattoo archive, we also have a list of artists. So if you're looking for the right person to work your skin, go and check the artists sec
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