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  1. kevinm

    Rock of ages

    By Ross Nagle
  2. My picture taking skills are not the best, add in the fact that its a coverup and he flew through the whole thing in a couple of hours makes me believe Ross is a serious talent.
  3. May as well give it a go as its healed at this stage. :) By Ross Nagle @ Allstar Ink Limerick.
  4. I know what you mean :cool: it wouldnt be what I would like on myself but still great to look at.
  5. I might sneak it into the Feb contest. :)
  6. kevinm

    Eagle and snake

    Eagle and snake coverup
  7. kevinm

    Eagle and snake

    Eagle and snake coverup
  8. Before (13 year old Celtic football crest) After (still a little fresh and flakey) By Ross Nagle @ Allstar Ink Limerick. :) Nicely healed up a week on after getting it, colours have settled well.
  9. Cover up done by Ross Nagle, the small bit of the original tattoo that can still be seen on this pic is no longer as visable.
  10. By Ross Nagle @ Allstar ink Limerick.
  11. Only know him from the office (UK) and a few UK based movies, not a Terrible actor or anything just came across as a little shithead in interviews and stuff.
  12. Never liked Martin freeman so was put off watching it but everyone says its good so I better give it a go, still suffering from a skyfall hangover however. :cool:
  13. I had a small bit done near the pit recently and it stung like mad, can only imagine what its like to get your pits, palms and head done!
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