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  1. Had some work done Friday 07-17 :cool: Getting there !!
  2. oldmansea

    Rock of Ages

    Robert Aalbers
  3. I Had 3 hours of FUN today !! Previous sitting ! This was the first sitting, now I had 3, all about 3 hours at a time.
  4. Second session done, going on six hours now :cool: Just Having FUN !!
  5. In almost 3 hours my artist (Robert Aalbers, Clean Solid Tattoo, Waalwijk, The Netherlands) hammered in almost al the black !! It had been more than a year since he did the lines. But I hope to finish before the end of the year !
  6. I don't know if you can call it Superstition and i'm not narrow minded or racist, but I personally like when people stay whitin their own culture. I'm not Japanese so I don't get a koi, and I'm not from New Zealand so no maori for me. I just want traditional and that's not a matter of taste, while I like all GOOD Tattoos.
  7. Have you seen the one Mr. Tim Hendricks did on the back of a hand ? It's on his IG, it's amazing !!!
  8. My first was in 1997 @ Needle Art Tattoo in Breda, Holland by Tattoo Jan. It was a walk-in, hours long wait, flash off the wall kind of thing. Since then I got it Re-done by my current artist :p
  9. Bulldog by Tattoo Jan, Needle Art Breda, Holland
  10. This really great artist, who has done my arms, while he was still in the land of the dutch, is working @ London. He's working the Swansea Tattoo Co boot, Check out his talent IG/jellesoos ! And he's also just a OK guy :cool:
  11. Done by Robert Aalbers @ Clean Solid Tattoo, Waalwijk on ME ! I Don't expect to win I'm just so proud of it !
  12. Thank you ! It took the artist little over 3 hours, he started with the roses that was the hardest part, the rest was 'ok' .
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