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    Rock of Ages

    Robert Aalbers
  2. In almost 3 hours my artist (Robert Aalbers, Clean Solid Tattoo, Waalwijk, The Netherlands) hammered in almost al the black !! It had been more than a year since he did the lines. But I hope to finish before the end of the year !
  3. Bulldog by Tattoo Jan, Needle Art Breda, Holland
  4. oldmansea

    rock of ages 5

    Thanks to Robert Aalbers @ Clean Solid Tattoo
  5. oldmansea

    rock of ages 2

    .....Next day you wake up and think damn I got a ROCK OF AGES.
  6. Rock of Ages Backpiece, done by Robert Aalbers @ Clean Solid Tattoo, Waalwijk, The Netherlands. First sitting, got all the lines done in little over 3 hours.
  7. 28 - 12 My snake got some colors, By Robert Aalbers, Clean Solid Tattoo, Holland. Picture taken the next day, let the healing begin.
  8. oldmansea


    Ed Hardy based Eagle on my right ribs, by Clean Solid Tattoo Waalwijk.
  9. oldmansea


    My left ribs done, by Robert Aalbers @ Clean Solid Tattoo. Two sittings,one for lines and shades, and one for some color.
  10. Done by Robert Aalbers, Clean Solid Tattoo Waalwijk the Netherlands ! The Bulldog was already there for some years but was redone to match the rest.
  11. oldmansea

    ThnX Sailor Jerry

    Sailor Jerry snake by Robert Aalbers Clean Solid Tattoo
  12. oldmansea

    W W Web

    First Tattoo I got By Robert Aalbers, right elbow.
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