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  1. After I joined the Navy, My mom was excited about me getting a tattoo. Right after bootcamp she asks "When are you going to get a tattoo?" I told her that I was in no hurry at the time. Little did she realize that twenty years later, I would be doing her first tattoo! She shows it off at every chance she gets. . . . . same with my dad. I did his first tattoo the same day. My parents were very supportive of me and my decision to be a tattoo artist after my navy career. :P
  2. on the average, I can handle up to six hours of work at a time, but when I had my back started, I did it for 8 hours and it SUCKED. . . . haven't had my back touched since. . . . i'm chicken now.. . .
  3. she's a fraud, not all of those are her own work. I see this kind of behaviour all over the net and even walked into my shop in Port Orchard.. . . people stealing photos from others and passing it off as his or her own work. . . .sometimes not even good photos of good work. . . .
  4. I've seen alot worse walking around in Port Orchard, WA. LOL
  5. You should get what you want where you want it, but don't put it somewhere that you won't be able to live with in a few years. I agree that it should be bigger, and a little higher.
  6. I'm originally from Muncy, PA, but live in Washington State now. I've heard all kinds of stories about laser removal, but most of them about the pain and that it was worse than getting the tattoo itself. Good luck on the removal. What city are you getting it done in?
  7. You're lucky that your tattoo is so light. Good luck with your removal.
  8. I concur with the opinion that over care is probably a bad thing to do on any tattoo. Most of the time when I have a client ask me what to put on it, I just tell them the best course of action is to leave it be. If your tattoo takes longer than a week to heal, and it starts to fester or hurt really bad, or if you feel sick, you need to go to the ER right away. I was a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy. I served with Marines and saw many tattoos that would get infected due to improper aftercare. Something that you want to be careful of is putting anything on it that has petroleum in it--VASOLIN
  9. I had a picture of my trumpet tattooed on the inner left fore arm as my latest tattoo. Being a tattoo artist myself, I find that I don't get tattoos often and think a long time before I have anything done. I think I will probably have some of my older work redone though, before getting anything else that is new.
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