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  1. To take little bits of styles, kind of like techniques (whip shading, thick lines, etc.) and to add it to your "arsinal" is one thing. To just rip someone's very specific style is bullshit and a whole other world. Look at something else as an example. Certain comedians nab bits and pieces of one anothers style and work, but make that bit fit into a whole that is really their own. Red Foxx, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy etc is an example of the movement. But when they straight jack jokes and bits? Carlos Mencia style, fuck that shit, it's weak. How do you even call yourself an artist then?
  2. I always saw it in 2 ways. 1- You wanted a cool knife AND an animal so jam them together. 2- The more "BS-Filled" meaning I've heard is it's signifigant of defeating or overcoming something difficult. But really just that ^^^^^. I have a Gorilla getting stabbed. It's pissed about it too. Rad as fuck.
  3. Been a while but I'm slapping this up. War Elephant by Destroy Troy out of Kansas City/Timeless Tattoo. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/member/16793-war-elephant.html&imageuser=4428
  4. JeffK

    War Elephant

    War Elephant original design my Destroy Troy of Timeless Tattoo in KC (he'll soon be in CO I think) @destroytroy Instagram
  5. Izumo of Instinct Tattoo (Japan/Toronto) original devil design @izumonster Instagram. Kind of a warp shot due to location (bicep)
  6. Rollo design done by Jason Hoodrich at Taylor Street Tattoo
  7. Never too much black. Thick black lines hold up, look strong, and are awesome.
  8. If it's a legit shop with legit tattooists, who cares? It can bring in new customers and it's kind of fun. Taylor Street in Chicago usually does Friday 13th, they're "$13 + $7 tip" and usually just line work, but they're fun. Nothing BAD. Same with Halloween, usually something. I've gotten a few and they're cool and done well. They also do "Traditional Tuesdays" were you can drop $50 and get a cool classic Rollo or Jerry (or other) designs. Name day, "Get what you get" ($50, gum ball machine with random flash, fun for everyone!) I've also had larger work done there too so it's not like I'm a total cheap skate. If all you want tattooed are large tattoo's in certain styles, yeah, not for you. If you love little jammers now and then, just make sure it's a good shop. To me, it's a combo of just fun and a solid way to draw new people into your shop. So no harm, no fowl. I don't see it as something only "kitchen wizards" do or something to turn your nose up to. If a shop DOESN'T, good, that's their thing. Not for everyone. If you're a jaghole who calls every shop looking for a deal, screw off asshole. If it's not on their website, or FB, or Instagram, or whatever, don't go bugging hard working people with your shit.
  9. Wearing pants is gonna suck for a while, damn! Nice though for sure!
  10. Motorhead too, they like to wear Motorhead shirts also. With glitter on them. I hate those.
  11. Just had one put on my calf. The worst was the first day after, sitting for a while then standing and the fucking blood pumping, gah. The legs, particularly calves, are kind of interesting since it's kind of the point where your bodies all like "Yo blood, get the fuck back up to the heart and brain!" and pumps it back through the veins. Lots going on down there. That said, my 1 other below-the-knee tattoo didn't take any longer to heal or anything weird. Just different shit. Can't cross my legs a certain way or whatever.
  12. I now need a Tony Harrison tattoo fuck! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!
  13. Never entered but this was too fun. Vince Leblanc did it from Animal Farm Tattoo in Chicago. Reptillian Mayor conspiracy action.
  14. Sweet green tiger on my ribs. Done by Ross Nagle while doing a guest spot at Great Lakes Tattoo in Chicago.
  15. JeffK

    Space Tiger

    Space Tiger by Vince Leblanc at Animal Farm Tattoo in Chicago. Little bit of warp due to me bending my elbow some on the right.
  16. As the title says, Reptillian Mayor by Vince Leblanc at Animal Farm Tattoo in Chicago. ILLUMINATI!!!!!
  17. Sounds awesome, I'm gonna go for sure. Anyone else here plan on hitting it up?
  18. Originality is great. But again, not everything works on every medium. I guess one this is, is I wanna see one of these in 40 years. I kidna get the impression they'll be a worse mess. Dan Higgs. Fucking original + traditional all wrapped up in one. This? A fad that'll look even stupider when they're old. Not bashing anyone who LIKES this,and I appreciate the hard work going into them and the thought of pushing boundaries.
  19. I love stuff like this. But only from tattooers/shops I know are legit. I also appreciate those who DON'T. More than any sort of gimmickness of it, I see it as just a fun tradition is all.
  20. I masturbate furiously before and after. Sometimes during. Often banned. I usually eat, but nothing that will cause me to fart (very little options.)
  21. I get asked that all the time about my daughter. I think what boggles me is why do they assume that once you have a kid you turn into some prudish boring fuck twat? Like "oh now I have a daughter, I'm done with all of this heavy metal and tattoo business, time for Kenny G and A&F wardrobes!" Yeah the "old" question's always fun too. Like why would I care, I'll be 70 and all ugly n shit anyway. I'll just look cooler than other boring ass 70 y/o's that's all.
  22. Yeah, as long as it looks good, who cares? I have a "They Live" tattoo and an "Edward Scissorhands" one. I don't care, I love them. I'm planning on another movie one too. I love movies. Maybe a Simpsons one, but it'd have to be really weird, nothing obvious. I've considered Star Wars ones, but so many have those so if I did, also, it'd have to be really strange/not obvious for me. Sarlac pit in my armpit or something. I dunno. But yeah, as long as YOU like it and it's a good tattoo, go all out! Here's an idea: Hank's head with a scroll saying "THEY'RE MINERALS!" or "GOD DAMN IT MARIE!" and a blue bladed knife sticking through it. Or a Hector's bell with a scroll "DING DING DING!"
  23. Yeah I was in the day before, wish I could have made the party. I love that it's new and fresh feeling but warm. It's not some shithole with metal walls and black floors and chrome everywhere trying to be modern. It's refreshing.
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