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  1. I wouldn't get tattooed in an environment that wasn't chill. Devil or uber-gangster music and id just leave. But I realize that there are different atmospheres for different clientele. I have over 30+ hours of grind-house very cool yet old school American street shop work and 20+ hours of super custom 2 customer a day shop work. Need to ask which hurt less and had the chillest of atmospheres? I am willing to bet most non inner city shops will eventually follow the boutique model. That or I have become a hipster and need help.
  2. Alanis Morissette and other strong female leads mellow and relaxed. The odd occasional wu-tang and country thrown in the mix with a metal track here and there. The tattooist can feel your personal chi and should adjust the music accordingly.
  3. I had a few hours with rotary on me. Very gentle artist healed like a dream. I credit the artist, but he said he used rotary primarily because of the sound. He still lined with a coil and did some shading, but large spaces were rotary. The sound is much more soothing. Pain? Hard to say, very light hands helps, granted it he layered the black and stacked color differently. Pneumatic is the newest, and similar sound effects. Id like to get a Tebori and Pneumatic tattoo someday.
  4. I listen to lesbian music. Cant imagine how more faces aren't punched when metal and other uneasy listening goes on. It seems counterproductive to the client who is trying to sit still and not feel pain.
  5. This thread got dumb fast, wow
  6. Japaneese windbars and whatnot. So far I am thinking snakes, but still hunting for better ideas/pics to inspire me.
  7. Hi I have similar coverage to this guy, back arms chest, but like him have the large open spaces above the clavicles. Looking for advice pics ideas as to what to put there, as it is a tight but very visible to me space and an important spot.
  8. Tattoos and scars add to a person’s experience, if he did that to his face, imagine what he might do to his foreign enemies.
  9. I would be more concerned with horrible school nutrition, energy drinks and reality tv over this crap.
  10. My best ideas come late at night
  11. Do a special on tattooers who have art degrees prior to starting tattooing, demonstrating how an education can improve art output.
  12. I notice a lot of teenage girls do back of the neck first, then wear their hair up to show it off. I think its trashy and on the warp tour body suit level for poserness, your mileage may vary.
  13. Its like buying a sports car, it will need very expensive maintenance but you will really enjoy it between service intervals.
  14. Wear a nice watch, some larger ones prevent the shirt sleeve from riding up, or cover up that area of skin if they do. Plus if you have an expensive watch it can change people’s impressions about the tattoo.
  15. I chose a combo, American eagle Jap wind bar background.
  16. I have a full chest piece that got cut through because of an open heart operation and the most common question I get is “was it done before or after the surgery to cover the scar?” My response is “It was just good forethought”, my heart problem came as a surprise. Super glad I did it because after the surgery I don’t want another sharp object within a mile of my chest. I had a rock star surgeon take me apart and put me back together, with attention paid to lining the ink back up correctly, now there is an obvious quarter inch incision with hard scar tissue, but the tattoo looks fine. My advice is get your full chest done now, but just be sparring with the detail on the center line where you will be cut, tell the artist, they might dig the idea and design something that will look better with the scar through it. Do you have an existing scar? Like you said in 5 years valve replacement can likely be done without the need to crack the chest, but don’t count on that. As for tattooing the scar, f-that it cost about $250,000 ill be keeping mine and I bet it would be years before the scar is adged enough for a cover.
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