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  1. Got a flu shot today, right through the ink. No problem at all....
  2. Robert Ryan is a gem — laid back, soulful, and just plain super-cool. His shop in Jersey is SO worth making the trip to.
  3. Yeah...at SFO and then later in Oakland. Wow...sounds like it is going to be amazing. Grime is doing a gigantic full leg piece on a friend of mine, and it is totally off the charts. You will be so stoked.
  4. Ian, I met you when you were getting tattooed by Jondix and then Robert, yes? So cool that you are getting work from Grime. What are you getting?
  5. Thanks Tammy! Yes, we live in a pretty magical part of the country...and a tattoo mecca to boot. I need to get tattooed by one of our great local artists one of these days... Food and cooking thread, huh? Great! I'll be sure to check it out.
  6. Thanks for the welcome. No, that wasn't me the other night getting tattooed by Scott. I have an alibi. Promise.
  7. The 30th Anniversary reissue of Tattoo Time is incredible! I had never had an opportunity to see the original magazines, but I have been pouring through this new edition. Essential! Forever - The New Tattoo. I think it is great. Underway Is The Only Way - Fantastic interviews and photos. Stoney Knows How - Probably my favorite of the bunch. We Are Tattoo - Thanks to D. Bragger for recommending it to me. I would have never even thought to look for it. Found it at Kinokuniya in SF Japantown. New York City Tattoo - An Oral History of an Urban Art - Sadly out of print and really expensive now
  8. I've been meaning to take some photos but haven't gotten to it yet....
  9. Hi All, I'm Josh Michaell. I've been enjoying reading the forum posts for a couple of weeks, and i thought now would be a good time to jump in. I've been getting tattooed for about three years now, and it has been a wonderful and profound experience. I'm hooked. I've been tattooed by Thomas Hooper, Jondix, and Robert Ryan. Like David Bragger, I play old-time American music (guitar & banjo.) I've been studying Thai cooking for 8 years and can whip up a pretty authentic curry. I'm a psychotherapist by profession, but I also spend a good amount of time traveling and teaching workshops on San
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