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  1. 5 hour session of my angel of death back piece cover. started on the 16th and hopefully will finish on the 16th of march, coming along nicely... the scene will be a graveyard on my left side and a tree on the right, tombstones in the graveyard with d.o.b. and d.o.d. of my grandfather and cousin and then of course some added clouds to help cover up the massacre at the top of my back
  2. that would be awesome, even to see a president with a full sleeve done would be cool
  3. just a tiny bit... but thats the fun of it!
  4. no actually, I have heard about it as one of my co-workers wont shut up about walking dead series/comic/video game lol
  5. I have a cover up and my blacks matched perfectly, but I have also heard that the ink wont match and will make it look terrible.... I feel if the artist has talent they will make up for that with design and application
  6. ketchup on a taco??? wtf? well, you found the right place! I can say that for sure... welcome!!
  7. UPDATE: just watched first episode of walking dead.... not too shabby
  8. if you wanted to not show your age, you could always mix that with your tats and get like... uhmm... i duno, say 15 miley cyrus tattoos LOL:D
  9. I didnt see it listed in here (although i may have missed it) RESTREPO is a must see, even though its a documentary it is really gripping and if you want to truly respect our soldiers or see what a day of life in the shoes of a soldier is check it out!
  10. and these usually get me goin if not the always reliable EDIT: MY BAD FOR THE THREADJACKING lol
  11. HAHA...depending on the music you listen to and the time you drive! mojo in the morning on 95.5 is funny as hell but almost void of music. I listen to 99.5 which is country and pretty much only music minimal chatter
  12. LMAO... i was born in 1983, graduated in 2001... wife was born in 87
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