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  1. The Tom Of Finland stuff is pretty funny, but I'm gonna bring this thread back to pinup tattoos with my Iowa farmgirl pinup from Chip Douglass.
  2. I just got tattooed by Chip Douglas at the Chicago convention. He did a pinup girl on my inner bicep. One of the nicest dudes I've ever met, and a hell of a tattooer too. He'll give you a great tattoo. Have fun man!
  3. I get super dried out during the winter months too, and I also work in an office so I feel for you. I have just been using a small amount of aquaphor on my fresh tattoos until about 2 1/2 weeks into healing. Seems to heal the tattoos just as fine, and they never seem dry out anymore. Just my 2 cents on the subject!
  4. Gotta add a few to the list from the past few months! Frank William (multiple) Tom Kenney Nikki 'Balls' Lugo Chip Douglas And I'm planning on doing some road-tripping around the midwest this summer too. I'm thinking I should hit up: The Aloha Monkey in MN, Odds and Ends (A. Stickler) in Rockford IL, Freedom Ink in Peoria IL, I've never been to Deluxe in Chicago so I might have to stop there, and my family is heading to DC next month so hopefully we'll get to Tattoo Paradise too! Should be a fun scab-filled summer. :)
  5. I have tried a bunch of different methods and had luck with a few. My system now is as follows: Leave the bandage on the first night after being tattooed, this allows all the lymph, blood, and plasma-goo to ooze. Then in the morning I hop in the shower and remove the bandages, wash with as hot of water I can stand (without burning myself) while using antibacterial soap, and let it air dry. Once completely dry, I use a small amount of aquaphor (by Eucerin). I use the aquaphor pretty much the whole time the tattoo is healing and they don't really get dried out or crack. They seem to heal up pretty well. Just my 2 cents on healing. It has worked for some pretty rough/problematic areas. Neither of my elbow 'ditches' are tattooed yet, but I think they might be next. They are really the only empty spots left on my arms. Not too excited about it after reading everyone elses comments on healing them. Hopefully my method works!
  6. I don't have a very long list, but it is steadily getting longer. Gary (Don't remember his last name) Rudy (worked w/ Gary) Chris 'Turbo' Goff (multiple) Dude in Texas (re-worked later by Turbo) Mario Desa (multiple) Katie Sellergren (multiple) Nick Colella (multiple) Matt Ziolko a.k.a. Beatdown Lana Gooding Ross Nagle And I've gotten to know some of the nicest/most professional people in the industry along the way. Many of whom I haven't been tattooed by but plan to in the future (but that's another thread!) -Sam
  7. Hello all! I'm Sam and I'm a 23yo collector from eastern Iowa. I've been getting tattooed since the day I turned 18. I love tattoo's, the art, and history behind it all. I've been lurking on the site for awhile and figured I should join up!