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  1. I love how he talks about the craft. He truly embodies the soul of tattooing. Love Horikitsune! Have you guys seen the TAM interview they did with him?
  2. Same here. I've been dying to see his body suit. Especially after reading Wear Your Dreams, I must see these tattoos.
  3. Had the chance to check out tattoo city this past weekend and get tattooed by Doug. Needless to say that shop absolutely floored me. So excited for this thread!
  4. I have been checking the website every single day for the new episode. Dang!
  5. Welcome! From the looks of it that shop is damn solid! I'm personally more into Ryan Gagne's super simple bold style, but Lucas Ford looks like a killer tattooer! Definitely in a good place. What are you getting tattooed?
  6. Currently working on this. I have no business posting here, but I would love (and definitely need) some criticism.
  7. If you live in Illinois, I'd absolutely try to make it to GREAT LAKES TATTOO. Literally all of those guys would be able to do a killer cover up on that! Also, you definitely cannot go wrong with a rose coverup. Great choice.
  8. So good. That back piece Horiyuki was working on is insane.
  9. I'm at work and my book is sitting on my front porch waiting for me. So excited to read this. Going on tour with my band in a couple of weeks and going through SF, I'm going to somehow try to get Ed to sign my copy. Don't know how I'm going to make this happen, but I am on a journey. haha
  10. Jake Lehman Tattoo Artistry Tucson AZ
  11. Marie Sena Dedication Tattoo Denver Colorado
  12. Aaron Coleman Duke City Tattoo Fiesta 2012
  13. I know man I'm so bummed but she deserves to be out there doing what she does. I can't wait to go up and get tattooed. Dedication looks fucking beautiful.
  14. Healed photo of a tattoo Marie Sena made on me before she moved to Denver. Colorado people, get tattooed by her!
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