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  1. Speaking of re-wrapping. I just got my right forearm done, it was healing magnificantly, a week later I went to get my inner-right forearm touched up. I typically get tattooed in the later evening hours & take the wrap off in the morning when I wake up. So, after my inner-forearm was touched up, naturally it was wrapped & I slept w/it on. The next morning (this past saturday) I woke up, took off the wrap & noticed the "red bumps" around the tattoo I had gotten a week before. I let this go a day in a half figuring it was the moisture from the wrap or maybe I put on a wee too much oi
  2. Thanks guys! Stopped by my artist yesterday & he said it was typical. Still followed up w/my doc appt though in which he said I had cellulitis (infection of the soft tissue) so he put me on some anti-biotics. Either way, I'm not stressing over it. It is a gnarly spot to heal though on the inner forearms.
  3. Thanks Lori! Good to know about the heat experiences you've had. The worst thing I (or anyone) should ever do is google your symptoms, we all know that puts people in a state of hypochondria!
  4. Hey ladies/gents. So I got some work done last wednesday & today is monday. Followed every procedure that I typically do w/all my other tattoos & this one seems different to me. I'm getting some gnarly scabbing, which is par for the course, at least in my experience, so no worries there. However, my forearm is pink compared to my other forearm. Healing was going fine for the first 2-3 days & then there was a warm heat coming from the area. There's no oozing of any sort. Over the weekend, when I would stand up & all the blood would rush to my arm it was a pretty intense feelin
  5. Don't think it matters as most everyone here does. I am a connoisseur of the thick framed ladies myself, so when I see an attractive thicker woman w/some good tattoos, she's automatically more attractive to me. There's a heavy set woman who I saw working at a Chipotle, average looks, had nice bold work done all over her arms, instantly became more appealing to me. To each is their own.
  6. hahah^^^ although I agree w/NorthernBrother as I was too part of the beginning of IG, it was rather a hipster-ish thing to say. Anywho, find me @DrisOne78 -one.
  7. My wife doesn't have any tattoos...well, one of some Japanese lettering that many people got in the 90's, nothing visible or anything like me. She's mad supportive of my obsession with them. She compliments them & likes it when I incorporate my children in them. She's not a fan of skulls she's told me, but wouldn't be opposed to me getting any. We work in totally different fields though, her an accountant, me an artist.
  8. ^^^ That's foul! haha...what kind of beers did you sample? Or was it just anonymous beers? ....and Duvel is tasty! We have a brewing party going on this saturday. Going to brew 5 gallons of a Belgian Quad...should be interesting.
  9. Cube is easily top 10 in mid-late 90's,...got mad rotation...my grandparents disapproved.
  10. Meyhem Lauren is nice with it. The whole Outdoorsman Crew is dope. Action Bronson is on fire right now. Pro Era Crew is showing me signs of some of the youngens getting properly educated in hip hop.
  11. I'm thinking of getting a Wolverine head w/a snow hat w/a ball on top of it wearing a Northface jacket....haven't seen too many traditional Wolverines or Badgers to reference it to, but if it's too much I'm going w/a nice eagle tattoo.
  12. Get it Graeme! It's one of the best beligan quads you can find readily anywhere. Trappist 10 (i think it's 10) is another good one I found. I'm curious to try the Weyerbacher Quad as well. Everything they make (especially their 2x simcoe IPA) is amazing! Just tried the Brooklyn Imperial Chocolate Stout over the weekend too. Amazing & somewhere around 10 abv I believe.
  13. I follow the battle circuit pretty closely (not as much as I used to), the whole KOTD, Dont Flop, Grindtime, etc, etc. I can sit & watch those for literally hours & zone out. My favorite is probably Madness from the group "Critical Madness" (which I forgot to mention as one of the current hip hop artists getting rotation). As far as funny shit, he's probably the king. Not the 'best' persay, but his movie references are top notch. Nothing as sad as that Dizaster vs. Cannibus match tho for real...shit was depressing. & YOMONEY I'd agree, Illmatic has such good replay value, I thin
  14. Joey Bada$$ is dope as well as the whole Pro Era Team. The Doppelgangaz as well, great 90's throwback duo (mentioned them in my 1st post). There are a few up & coming artists that are MAD young that are giving me good hope, unfortunately Capital Steeze left us too early, lots of promise. My alltime favorite record dead or alive is still Organized Konfusion - Stress. There's a new Demigodz album coming out in March too to anyone who listens to them. Celph Titled the ammunition magician
  15. It's definitely worth the money. They come in a 4 pack so you can drink one right away, save one or 2 for special occasions & then shelf one for as long as you want as it just gets better w/time. But yes, the availability was only 1 day in the US. They did it because they are trying to raise some extra money to fix the broken roof at the monastery. Really pricey though if you're trying to find a one off online as people are selling them for obscene amounts of money. The St. Bernardus 12 is a supposive clone of the Westvleteren, I've had one the day after I drank the Westvleteren, it's a ve
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