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  1. how do you delete a thread on this site - - - Updated - - - i want to delete a post but cant cause the pic img is posted on google wtf
  2. one more question i dont think my tats infected cause if it was then it would be looking crazy but i noticed a cut on my tat and scabs are forming over it my guess is my artist went a little deep with the needle and gave me a cut on my skin during the touch up. now that the dead skin is shedding and peeling scabs are forming over the cut. does it disrupt the healing process or leave scars on the skin ounce it fully healed since the cut is right under the the scabs
  3. i guess its whatever i wait till it heals and see where it goes from there i guess if it was infected there would be puss and other complications
  4. i come asking for serious opinions and you come trolling aghh i tell ya seeking advice forum certain people is like pulling teeth
  5. chance to what dan ? - - - Updated - - - this is what i have i think it healing you be the judge the crack in the skin the guy might have went deep when retouching my tat the skin is split not sure if its healing correctly [/img]
  6. dan its not just that i was just confused why the smell is on my tat i wash it every day but i dont see any puss so no infection ?
  7. i wash the tattoo fully then put on the a&d cream its weird im getting this smell when i don't see an infection
  8. do they go away on their own or do i have to buy cream
  9. i see a tiny bump on my tat it has white stuff in it any tips to make it go away been there for a day or so:confused:
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