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  1. thanks man - - - Updated - - - thanks man - - - Updated - - - Thanks dude!
  2. I was thinking of this the other day.. I work in a warehouse that's 100+... I guess I should book my appointments into decemeber since Texas is hot as hell right now. I hate waiting lol
  3. I would love to get a Pinhead piece from Hellraiser. Classic memories growing up getting the piss scared out of me.
  4. I overheard someone say the words I'm getting "tatty blasted" and that really made me want to strangle them.
  5. Sup guiz. Looking to add a reaper similar to this one... I live in Dallas and so far I am looking at Aces or Saints and Sinners. Open to suggestions though! Also I was told I had to post in here because I was a newbie so don't flame me.
  6. This thread is giving me hope though. Might just go ahead and finish off my other arm and hold off on the lasering for now. I'll post some pics up so you all can see the arm that I want lasered and maybe give me an idea of how much it'll cost + rework ideas. Cheers.
  7. These laser removal clinics must be making a killing... Just wish I was financially stable enough to start on my left arm being removed. Broke ass college kid.
  8. Just want to let you guys know I am so grateful for finding this forum... going to set up my appointment when I am back from my business trip.
  9. First post here... I would also like to see some progress pics becuase I am also looking to have my sleeve removed and have it covered up... I am deciding between dr.tattoff or fadefast
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