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    Toronto tattoo collector, and connisseur of cheap alcohol
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  1. Just got a wee elbow banger from Franz Stefanik
  2. Franz Stefanik
  3. Little Oni I picked up from Chad Koeplinger today. Super stoked on it. Done in one hour flat. Such a beassssst.
  4. Oni by Chad Koeplinger
  5. Oni by Chad Koeplinger
  6. I'm getting tattooed by Chad Kopelinger this month. Super stoked. I'm still not 100% sure what I want from him; there's so many things that he does well, it's a tough choice.
  7. I personally got my first tattoos at 16. I don't regret them nearly 10 years later, but with that being said, I still think the legal age should be 18. I could probably even make an argument for 21. Thoughts?
  8. this has definitely been a problem for me in the winter. I live in toronto, and it gets cold as shit here. scabs form and start to crack badly. I hate putting lotion on thicker scabs, but it seems to be the only way to stop the cracking and let it heal.
  9. Finally got a decent snap of this one healed...shitty spot to capture
  10. Perspectivez

    Tall Ship

    By Tim Pausinger
  11. Perspectivez

    Tall Ship

    By Tim Pausinger
  12. Done by Tim Pausinger at the Pearl...in 2 hours flat!
  13. Getting a piece from Tim Pausinger at The Pearl this weekend...beyond stoked! Will post when done.
  14. I'm about to drop some gems on you guys...I used to know this kid, he did them al himself hahaha I almost shit myself tbh
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