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  1. Inspired by Judas Priest .
  2. As far as this particular topic goes, something is unsettling about it. Perhaps the unsettling part of it to is that to me, Tattooing has not been totally automated. someday maybe. Not in my day thank you. My questions are as follows, What is the motivation of the builder? curiosity? Monetary? Who will benefit from this? The variables are just immense. I was able to develop a machine frame with a 3-D printer. Which was really fun to build up and make a few tattoos with. Feel free to check it out on my instagram, (noodles_tattooer). They are not being produced for sale. Just a fun project to
  3. wholly momma! depends on what part of the body its on for me. Smaller pieces seem longer when its in a tender area. larger work I just get lost and don't pay attention.The fat handles were only a few hours (with a bit more to go,) christ almighty it felt like an eternity. but over all, four hours or so would be the most. This year I will be getting a bit of hand poked work, I am curious on how much is completed in "x" amount of time.
  4. Original work is always in danger of being copied. It is unfortunate for those who work very hard to create their own voice being cowardly copied by those who do not. A question to further investigate this is, what is the motivation? Ego? Money? maybe a sincere emulation of an artists work to better understand and study their techniques as well as theory only to better themselves? what external elements cater to this thievery? regardless of motivation (at the cost of an individual client who may not know any better) some of us know and understand the situation upon sight of the executed work
  5. Noodles

    save tigers

    I have recently donated because of this post, Thanks for the reminder to participate in positive motions. I will be more mindful of income generated from the use of cat imagery and pay it forward once in awhile.
  6. Noodles

    Screaming hand

    This is a popular image originally used by the Santa Cruz skate company.
  7. Noodles

    wife n' kids

    Customer says' I want my wife and four kids on me'. this was a fun one.
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  9. David, What a great number of questions! It seems there are many variables involved. Professional respect, ethics, as well as a keen business sense and the lack of' can all be taken into account. I once visited a friend and older tattooer in the Modesto Ca. area, He has been there for years, and I mean years. As we were walking to get some dinner up the street I noticed another shop just across the way. they had just opened a few months prior to my visit. My friend had said to me, 'They never even came by to say hello'. we quickly dropped the subject and continued on our way. First co
  10. Noodles


    Noodles_Tattooer, I Like it.
  11. Canadian apprenticeship program ehh?, He seems Enthusiastic and well spoken. He has a long and rocky path ahead of him. I wish this young man the best of luck.
  12. Hello everybody, I am known as noodles. I work at Noodles Tattoo just outside of Chicago, IL, in Warrenville. I have been Tattooing since 2000. Thank you for welcoming me. I look forward to discussing and reading numerous topics regarding tattooing. The History, new, and old ideas, business ethics, respect. This is a reach out to other Tattooers in the surrounding areas who engage on this website that I may not know, or have ever met. so, Hello. lets get started.
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