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  1. Now over 70 hours on my back piece. Yesterday, took it up to 77 hours and my artist did like 3 hours of detail near, under armpit/rib cage behind the heart area yesterday. Not ashamed to say it, but I had tears running down my face for about 5-7 minutes. I thought I had toughened up enough now for that to never happen but now, just gotta say, Tattooing is starting to hurt more I get them... We had the Songkran Water Festival (Thai New Year) here in Thailand this week. I had my shirt off for 4 days, getting soaking wet in the worlds biggest water fight. I must have met over 100 people due to
  2. Attacking the other side kidney area tomorrow. We only did the left hand side last time. Not looking forward to it at all. Also, looks like my body does not like a certain brown color as it scabbed up and I am glad I am not getting that color anymore. Out of the last 40 hours of work, no scabbing but only just this little bit of brown and yuck... Two more 8 hour sessions and this baby is put to bed.... worst part is I found some script I want done now and just wondering where to put it....
  3. Update... After another 21 hours I have decided on the spot that takes the cake. It bitch slapped me so hard, that I almost passed out in pain. My guy told me my top arse area and kidneys was almost all bone and be prepared for six hours of bitch slapping pain. My god, was he right. The kidney area was not good and then he hit that spot above my arse crack and I almost died. After doing that, he then attacked a rib area that had been giving me grief before an I did not even FEEL it after that arse whooping I took... He suggested I use some lidocaine on that arse bit but I told him it was for
  4. 7 hours today, 7 hours tomorrow and 7 hours on Friday.... we are going to break the back on this back piece and I just do not want to suffer anymore. Just want it over and done with.... my artist is talking to me about a set of sleeves to go with the back piece but I told him today, give me a year or so off, as my kidney area and lower bum is going to need that time to recover after today's pain....
  5. My artist rang me tonight an wants to do three sessions this week (21 hours) instead of one sessions as he has had two, 7 hour slots pull out (the guy who pulled has a serious flu). After the sessions only a few days ago that totally blew, I gotta get my head ready for a unexpected session tomorrow. I am really bruised from the last one (see bruising along the rib cage). Only about another 30 hours to go, so better man up to them... still better to get them over and done with now and hell, time then to go out an enjoy the work he had done for the rest of my life... 30 hours of pain for a life
  6. Major big session today on the back piece and for the first time, for the 7 hours of work done, it blew almost the whole time. I had the left hand side ribs done, across to the start of my kidneys and to my lower hip area. It was the most painful experience I have encountered in my life. The last 24 hours work was just a walk in the park baby, Today, for some reason it just blew the whole time. In the photo you will see the Sakurai in multiple pinks. This whole section took 7 hours to do and just about the whole lower area hurt like shit but the outer edge really blew. I thought really I coul
  7. I worked in a Industry that did not like you having a tattoo at all. 20 years ago, I was asked at my job interview if I was 'inked'. I was not at the time an worked for 20 years in this industry. Towards the end, two people that I knew got employed with a tattoo on them but these guys were super highly trained in there field of study and were not a dime a dozen sorts of people you could employ easily. Still, they had to cover up at work and during our summer season, these guys suffered a great deal with the heat out in the field in long sleeve shirts. I got my wrist area done as soon as I res
  8. Been averaging 7 to 8 1/2 hour sessions recently on my back piece. I think I have about another 26-30 hours of work left. I have paid the lot out to my artists (with a good tip at the end), so I have maybe 3-4 more sessions to go. Will go 8 hours each time as long as he is game and also if he can also feel fresh doing it. As soon as he gets tired, we have stopped. We have 2 week breaks between jobs. The first 6 hours is okay. At about 6.5 hours in, for about a 20 minute window, seems to hurt like hell and then, that last hour or so just flies past and it is over... Once my back is done, I ha
  9. @username1 looking forward to seeing what you've had done! sounds really interesting! Posted what work was done today on my profile....
  10. Just over 8 hours in shading done now on the buildings
  11. Major back piece being done now and my pain threshold seems pretty good. Long, straight lines I feel at the worst as it feels like you are being seared like a steak on a BBQ! My artists says I am like a rock to work on and loves it. My Grandmother got hit by a Rubbish Truck at the age of 86 and it broke her hips, ribs and leg. When the ambulance came to get her, they asked if she was in pain. She said she could do with a Panadol an that the pain was not bad at all. Very strong woman. Maybe I have part of her genetics. During her recovery, the doctors said she should have died yet, she seemed
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