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  1. I think that tattoo is great and if you get more it'll make you appreciate that one more. I am personally getting my dog tattoo covered up but it's because I don't like the way it came out at all and I intend to get another tattoo for that dog on my arm. But yeah, that one is great!
  2. Oh man I'm so far behind everyone! Haha, I know it's not a race but I just recently began getting tattooed and I don't foresee stopping.
  3. Wow, all of these cover ups are really giving me some hope for mine! I know limited space is an issue but are some artists capable of doing good cover ups without an abundance of surrounding area?
  4. Everyone I see talk about coverups says that the new design must be substantially bigger. I have a portrait tattoo on my chest that doesn't really allow that much higher a use of space but I know a very talented artist that says he can do something with it. Does anyone have any stories or relative experience with a coverup?
  5. I personally love the traditional lady face profiles that you see a lot, especially like native american women. Does anyone think that this type of design could be used as a potential cover up?
  6. Well, on a whim I got a sort of portrait of my dog that died years ago on my chest and while the quality of work is fine, it aesthetically doesn't make any sense for where it is and I'm really unhappy with it. All of the work I've gotten that I've loved has been done at Death or Glory in Westbrook, Maine. I need to see about covering this portrait up but I am skeptical because it's fairly large. Honestly it's pretty much made me miserable having gotten something I dislike so much. Anyways, any input on that would be awesome.
  7. Hey there, just recently within the past year started getting tattooed as I got sober off of heroin and needed a new, more positive outlet/means of expression. I currently have like seven done. My second most recent piece is what brings me to this forum as I need info about covering it up. Just wanted to say hello!
  8. So green and red are among some of the most difficult to remove? I am dealing with a tattoo on my chest that I want gone enough to do a cover up and unfortunately it has green around it. Damn.
  9. I am very jealous that you had such a small original to get covered, I need something covered which is fairly large and it sucks!
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