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    Esse Quam Videri

    It's Latin for "to be rather than to seem". It's my family motto.
  2. Catcook

    Walking Dead

    Best show ever! I can't wait until February! The suspense is killing me!!!
  3. Just had a burger and fries! I feel so American!
  4. I was the one in a relationship who didn't have any tattoos. I was a lot younger than my boyfriend and he had them all over. When he took me to the guy who did his tattoos to get my first, I was so intimidated and felt like I wasn't his type. But when I got my first tattoo, they were all like "Welcome to the club!" haha. After that I definitely felt like I fit more with my boyfriend.
  5. I got a piece on my arm in Jacksonville, FL at Peacock's Tattoo. It's Latin for "To be rather than to seem" and I got it because it's my family motto.
  6. I thought I'd be done after my second tattoo...It ain't happenin.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm Cat from Florida!:D
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