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    So, I just had a second sitting on my tattoo. During the initial appointment the artist (Johnny McDevitt, Insight Studios) and I weren't sure about leaving skin breaks in the banners. He was very cool about it and didn't rush me to a decision on the spot. He just said to wait and see how it healed up and make a decision then, and if I wanted to fill them in he would do it for free. After it healed I debated for a couple months, since I really liked the effect in the top banner, but I didn't think it worked in the lower one. Anyways, earlier in the week I emailed him that I had decided to fill
  2. Holy MF shit that is right up there with the dude who put a chest piece on his cat...Russian Artist Gives His Cat A Chest Tattoo , although russia is a common theme.
  3. The detail in those scales is really cool.
  4. You can probably download the kindle app for you tablet and then read it through there.
  5. Yeah, Deano Cook would also be an obvious choice for underwater realism, if you wanted to take it (the right arm) in that direction. He was on Tattoo Wars on TLC a few years ago you can still find the videos on YouTube if you were interested in checking out his work that way. first video:
  6. Yes it is available on Kindle. You could actually pre-subscribe so that it downloaded automatically when it became available, already on the second time reading through :)
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    Here it is, not healed though, only pic I have at the moment.
  8. JVandal

    First Tattoo

    A take on the Chicago flag with part of a Daniel Burnam quote that also informs one of the city mottos. Sorry about the poor quality taken the day after so still pretty inflamed and in retrospect stretched oddly.
  9. JVandal


    Thanks Graeme, I just read through the Japanese Symbolism thread, which was great. I will definitely be picking up Bushido in the near future, and checking out the Gomineko books as well. I also like Stewart Robson's suggestion about checking out Japanese art on iTunesU.
  10. JVandal


    Hi Everyone, I got my first tattoo a couple of months ago, after seemingly years of deliberation, and now I can barely wait until I have pulled together the cash for a second. I am located in Chicago so there are a lot of great artists to choose from, which doesn't make it any easier to wait. I am interested primarily in collecting american traditional and japanese inspired tattoos and I came across the site while digging around the web for background information. If anyone can recommend an informative reference book/website on japanese tattooing I would appreciate it. Some of the better one
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