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  1. I'm into hardcore punk personally, but can dig on some black metal, i just love the sub culture lol.
  2. This is getting pretty interesting.
  3. ColdBlue

    Book thread

    I need to read more, need to dig out all my Kerouac books from the basement. I have a million books on my phone but can never quite decide what to read.
  4. I really like how they're going the route of adding original content.
  5. Boardwalk Empire, Game of thrones, Tales from the crypt. HBO.
  6. ColdBlue

    Walking Dead

    I really need to read more of the books. I have such mixed feelings about the show, I mean it's good, but you know like maybe i'm a little mental here but does it seem like some characters kind "over act" a bit. I think HBO just making it hard for me to watch tv because I end up comparing everything to boardwalk empire.
  7. my artist is quite good but I think we're experiencing a pretty large communication gap, he's just difficult to talk to. Its hard to meet someone half way when it's my body thats going to be marked forever haha.
  8. I think site is pretty cool, I just like to discuss art and tattoos, different styles etc. So i think i came to the right place.
  9. At my last office job no one really cared it. It was cool like we wore whatever, they did not care about tattoos or anything like that. I've had other jobs in the past that were much more strict, I have large tattoos but im young and havent started my forearms just yet. Debating on it right now lol. I'm cool with finishing up my sleeves, I just could never see myself with hand or throat tattoos, too much stigma in the work place.
  10. I'm in a similar situation, I have quality work that i'm just really not 100% happy with. It's bothering me to the point that i've heavily researched options for removal and met with a local tech, such a toss up, a decision i'm not taking lightly, it's driving me nuts.
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