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  1. Go to Elm St.! I'm trying like hell to save some money to get tattooed there. I don't think you can wrong with anybody there. And that convention they're throwing for Fri. the 13th mentioned above is filled with the best in the business. I'm bummed I can't go, so you go, get some bad ass tats, and let me live vicariously through you! Ok? good!
  2. The Cincinnati shop is awesome. I've been tattooed there twice. I will definitely be going to see dana soon
  3. I've been tattooed mostly out of his shop right across the river in Covington. I've never been tattooed by Dana but it's on the plans for this fall.
  4. I plan on getting up to Chicago by the end of the year. I'm having trouble deciding on who to get tattooed by as well. Mario for sure, and I really want to get tattooed by Erik Gillespie but ity's going to be hard to go to Chicago and not get tattooed by Nick Colella again. He's so good (and so fast great for out of towners, he'll have ya in and out)
  5. We avoided most of the hassle of the strike but i was still sweating being late to my appointment. Got there right on time and Freddy was eating lunch anyway so it was cool. Plus I got to hang out and bullshit with everybody. So it all worked out in the end.
  6. Do it man! You'll have a badass tattoo and a great experience. - - - Updated - - - Thanks man. With the BART strike and shit we got in and out of Oakland as fast as possible so I didn't get to see much of the city but temple was super cool. Ill be back to temple and Oakland some day soon.
  7. I was trying to! If only I had more cash!
  8. Just got back from Cali and these are my souvenirs. Candle and coffin by Scott Sylvia and a little California black and gray skull rose by Freddy Corbin. The tattoos speak for themselves and I don't have enough time to tell ya how awesome of human beings these guys are.
  9. A little California black and gray - - - Updated - - - I still can't get my pictures right side up but you get the point
  10. Just got back from a trip to the Bay area and my appointment with Freddy. Ya'll were right! Awesome shop, awesome tattoo, and awesome dude, and not just Freddy but everyone there. I would highly recommend getting tattooed at Temple or just meeting Freddy if you ever get the chance.
  11. @CABS Thanks man I will have some wheels so I'll check out a few spots on your recomendation.
  12. super pumped man. Any suggestions on any live music, bars, grub???
  13. I'm heading out west on wednesday and I have an appointment with Freddy at Temple reading this thread got me even more excited.
  14. Take the idea to the artist and have them work with it. If it's a good artist it won't look weird. Promise. Or just do the other leg haha.
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