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    I have been a tattooist for over 20 years, In 2001 I created and opperated Oddball Studios in Portland, Oregon with Jason Liege until I sold the studio to him my business partner and relocated to Peru in 2011-2013. I was a renegade tattooist in many regions of the Amazon and the Sacred Valley. I returned to the US recently and now work out of Black List Tattoo by appointment. My website is www.jefftarinelli.com
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    Portland, Oregon
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    base jumping, skydiving, traveling.
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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry about that I am glad I asked before posting about machines. I didn't realize this forum was mostly geared for fans of tattoos I thought it was more for tattooers. Its a bit confusing that there is a topic for people to buy and sell tattoo machines but not allowing asking for opinions or feedback about machines. Yes Joe is correct I've been tattooing professionally since 1994. I posted some pics a couple years back on my profile of my work so you can rest assure I am not trying learn how to tattoo here. Thanks for not attacking me , My bad I will re-read the forum rules and policies. Have a good night Cheers
  2. Im looking to get some feedback on some rotaries where is the best place to make this thread?
  3. Some Polynesian sleeves to chest I completed last month.
  4. Some Polynesian sleeves to chest I completed last month.
  5. I have everything ready set and good to go by the time I call my client back back in Portland. I feel it depends on where your getting tattooed. In a 3rd world country like Im now working, and on mostly travelers I open everything in front of them but back home with my studios reputation as well as most my clients are referrals I just assume a level of trust. I have had a few people ask me about this and after showing them my stock of already packaged needles and tubes they relaxed and relized there's it just obvious the set up came from the same pre packaged stock.
  6. I find that using realistic subject structure as the foundation works best but then to adjust shapes and movements to fit the body better. the Body, to me and my style, is as much part of the art as the design. maybe you could put up a link of this artist and get some opinions on his work and understanding of large design composition. Congrats on taking the big step into large work.
  7. Cheyenne Sawyer from Atlas tattoo in Portland Oregon. Not only is he one of the most unique human beings I have ever been friends and co workers with, he has the ability to make ANY idea look amazing. big or small. The man taught me how to be a real "professional" and I was his boss, lol! Cheyenne Sawyer :: Atlas Tattoo :: Portland, Oregon
  8. Choose a talented good artist and trust their advice and ideas!
  9. I often get a bit apprehensive in giving a large rib piece to a person not that experienced in getting tattooed. I have had a few nightmares in my years of people just not able to sit still and go with it. I recently got a full side panel from a co worker and amazing artists and although i did sit well for 2, 3 hour sessions, not moving or whining, It was the most challenging tattoo to sit through and im pretty covered. full back, sleeves, chest panel ext. The outline which normally for me is the most uncomfortable wasn't to bad but the shading session really took my breath away and was hard to surrender and go with it. The nightmare first timers rib clients ive had make me inquire more about the person during the consultation now. Having somebody quit halfway through an outline truly sucks and depending on the design can be next to impossible to align the stencil to the half done outline and free handing isn't always an option for truly detailed and symmetric designs. IMO 5 hours is a long time to sit on the ribs but isn't un common. you just need to know yourself and how you deal with pain and difficulties. My advice is DONT try to grin and bear it, don't clinch up thinking youll just squeeze the ever living shit out of a friends hand. this will only make the suffering worse and drain your energy. You will never make it 5 hours unless you learn to just surender to the experince and go to a comforting place in your mind. Focus on your breathing and total surrender to what is. most of the suffering from a tattoo comes from not be able to just accept it. Good luck but i agree get the tattoo where you want but if you feel oits going to be too much re consider placement. IMO ribs are quite easy to work on as an artist so im not sure where you got that info from concerning the quality being compromised there. Stomachs can be a bitch but a good artist and client working together for a big stretch to me is a easy day at the office.
  10. Maybe its just me or my computer screen but the blue looks fine to me. Lots of white added and sun exposure can get a khaki hue to pastel colors sometimes. Maybe the blue isnt perfectly to your liking but its a nice tattoo. Like others have said, just relax about it and enjoy what you have.
  11. North West native American
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