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  1. knitting hands and heart on upper back
  2. roses and dove on upper back
  3. dapper cat in top hat on back of calf
  4. queen of hearts on forearm, little distortion due to curve of arm
  5. Pre-Raphaelite inspired lady on a tiny forearm
  6. actually, i was searching on ibooks and it's live already!! just search for tattoo culture! you can have a read a week early ;) i think you can also download it for kindle too, but i'm not sure maybe if someone has a kindle they can search for it on there too? :)
  7. hiya! My name is Guen Douglas and I tattoo at Salon Serpent, Amsterdam, The Netherlands alongside Job DeQuay and Angelique Houtkamp. You can see examples of my work on the shop website: www.salonserpent.com and my own Guen Douglas i've lived equally in both north america (canada) and Europe (UK and The Netherlands) and speak english, french and een klein beetje Nederlands ;) g xo
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