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  1. Interesting points about jeans, I quite like leggings for similar reasons as skinny jeans that they don't move around so much but I feel like they have more give in them when getting them on rather than jeans. But I only stared wearing leggings once the flaking was over. Fingers crossed the swelling will be kept to a minimum with all the tips I've learnt from LST so far!
  2. Personally for me I have a long list of what I want and where I want it, it's only been lack of money that's stopped me from getting them, which is fine as my mind changes a couple times, not with what but with the placement of them. Perfect example, I've booked in for my thighs in April a set of lyrics, almost a motto for my life and I've wanted it for years but it has dawned on me the more I learn about the art of tattooing and composition that it's not the best place for those lyrics so I'm changing it to something more suitable for that area. Once I've got all the tattoos I've got plan
  3. This is the sort of things I'm wondering about! I'm gonna have to perfect my hovering technique before I get it done.
  4. I'm a lady! But maybe you have a point lol. I think I'll be living in my scrub pants and shorts whilst it heals.
  5. Haha I use scrubs as my pyjamas! I used to work in a sterile hospital unit where we'd have to wear brand new scrubs every shift so every now and then I'd take a pair of bottoms home with me. So comfy! I've been living in them whilst my calf heals. I agree with @slayer9019, I wouldn't want to wear jeans during the healing, I live in skinny jeans normally so I'd imagine that'd do nothing but piss the new tattoo off.
  6. I've been healing my calf at the minute and haven't worn jeans in a long while, but it made me realise I own basically nothing but jeans so I will be investing in some loose trousers for sure!
  7. So I've done a search and can't see anything on the subject but I apologise in case I missed something. My next piece is the back of both my thighs, now I've picked up a lot of tips and tricks about help with swelling and general after care but I was just wondering if there were any tips for getting about with fresh thigh tattoos, it has dawned on me that sitting and going to the loo is going to be a pain for a while so I would be interested to hear how others coped with these problems. Just any tips for this area to make the healing process smoother (and faster) would be greatly appreciat
  8. A good article about it, LEARN AND LIVE WELL: CABBAGE LEAVES RELIEVE PAIN AND SWELLING Definitely doing this for my next tattoo! It can't be applied directly though can it?
  9. A cabbage leaf?! Haha! Okay so just asked Google, can't believe that works! That's amazing, learn something new everyday. And also sounds more beneficial than my bag of peas!
  10. Haha yeah I've learnt that from my calf. Also nothing wrong with using a bag of peas to take the heat off it.
  11. I found antihistamines really helped me out with that. Fair play getting your knees done! How is it with moving around?
  12. I have been looking for this thread for ages! Wanted to share my pain and also amazing discovery of HiBi Scrub! It's what surgeons use to wash their hands. I was concerned about a little area which is no bigger than my finger tip but it had a bit of puss under a scab so I went off and bought me some of that stuff. I can't recommend it enough! Gave it all a wash with the HiBi Scrub and it's worked wonders on it! most of the peeling has gone and the trouble area has improved in just two washes. So happy to of found it! One of the precautions says to avoid contact with brain and spinal cord,
  13. God this makes me so sad. I personally believe that unless it's the name of your family you should never get names tattooed on you. It bothers me so much that the girls haven't even bothered to look and see what he's done to other women. Or they have and still gone through with it anyway! I don't mind face tattoos I think some can look cool but it's the whole ownership thing which bothers me the most about this, someone that possessive obviously has issues which can lead to trouble elsewhere in the relationship.
  14. I've been thinking of this technique for when I get the back of my thighs done because my calf tattoo I've let it breathe pretty much 24/7 and I've struggled with it, some bits I'm sure I've lost to heavy scabbing and it seems this is a good way to cut that down. I will definitely discuss it with my tattooer on the day but it's definitely something I want to try one day.
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