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  1. Royal 1 Tattoos is a busy shop in a nice location in Fort Worth, Texas with exceptional artists. We have room for another talented artist for a full-time position, and we also have room for artists wanting to do GUEST SPOTS. You can check out our work and our studio at Royal 1 Tattoos And Body Piercing - Fort Worth, Texas . Hit me up if you are interested or know anyone interested at troy@royal1tattoos.com
  2. Get all the tats you want. Fat just means more skin right?
  3. That Mike Pike armrest looks sweet, but kinda expensive. When I have extra cash I may get one.
  4. Most people go to 1 or a few artists that they have selected because they like their artwork and their reputation. Don't go to just anybody that has equipment. Especially if they use tattoo "guns" LOL.
  5. I'm sure that looks much better than before.
  6. Clean tattoo. - - - Updated - - - Yes ,that Tim Hendricks ship backpiece is sweet. - - - Updated - - - Nice. I'd like to see that one finished.
  7. Very nice, clean work. I'm diggin it. - - - Updated - - - Very nice backpieces, I really like the 2 by Kurt Wiscombe
  8. Those are great. I may be interested in that set.
  9. I am Troy Rodebaugh, owner of Royal 1 Tattoos in Fort Worth, Tx. I have been tattooing since '91. All of the artists in my shop are very talented. I am hoping to meet some artists on here that may be interested in doing guest spots in my studio. :cool:
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