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  1. A little bit modern I guess. Something vibrant like red. I'm not too sure though if it will suit me. - - - Updated - - - A little bit modern I guess. Something vibrant like red. I'm not too sure though if it will suit me.
  2. I have done that my friend and the first thing he asked me is "what color is in your mind?". I haven't fully decided yet so I am trying to narrow down my options with opinions and ideas from other people. I believe there are lots of tattooist on this forum lurking around :)
  3. I just had a dragon tattoo and I asked for a gray wash to finish it up. The thing that bothers me the most is, the dragon does not shine as what I expected. Because of that, I am now planning to get my dragon tattoo filled with bright colors to make it shine as it should be. I don't know what color to pick cause I have a medium toned skin. So if anyone there who have a colored tattoo and medium toned skin, who is willing to share their experience with me will be much appreciated. A tattoo artist or a person who have vast knowledge about which color suits me best will be regarded as well. I will include pictures.
  4. Thank you buddy! Ill definitely have it colored this time. Best option for me i guess is to have a bright red on it to bring life to the dragon itself.
  5. Thanks mate! Ill look up unto that.
  6. Anyone here who can recommend an artist in Melbourne, Australia? Im looking for an artist who specialises on oriental dragon tattoo.
  7. Thats a relief. I live in Melbourne, Victoria,Australia.
  8. I think it is windbars. My tattoo artist said that he will put clouds when we were discussing how the background will be. Should i complain? Cause i will have this fixed but not with the artist who made this. I now feel ripped off for all the money I paid.
  9. Thanks a lot! It gives me some sort of reassurance. I have another concern, ill post a picture of the shading on the back part of my tattoo.. It doesnt really look well and neatly done for me. I raised this concern to my artist and he said that the skin will stretch and even the colors out. It makes me wonder if hes just trying to cover up his mistake or uf hes telling the truth.
  10. Thanks for your advise! would you consider having the dragon filled with bright color? cause it really bothers me.
  11. This is my first tattoo and I desperately need ideas on how to improve the look of it. The background is rather dull and not what I wanted. The shading has gone mad and the head part of the dragon is so dark that you barely recognize that its the head of the dragon. I am asking for your help on how to improve the emphasis of the whole dragon, should I consider adding color on it or should I ask for white ink to fill it up? The background :( If anyone there who have any idea on what to add to make it interesting rather than a big shade of gray. Thanks a lot guys! I will appreciate any response!
  12. if a pimple popped out in there and theres pus inside of it. it just means you need to revise your diet and eat healthy foods. Exercise and proper hygiene can help as well.
  13. We have this stigma in our country that if you have a tattoo, they will consider you an excon or rather a low life who doesnt have any plans to get a life. This kind of thinking made me intimated with those people who have tattoos which are actually genuinely nice and professional people.
  14. they definitely didnt plan this one. lol
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