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  1. Thanks. I sure hope so. I'm just so impatient. I want this thing healed completely like right now. Haha.
  2. Thanks for the help, Brock. I figured I would wait a little while, but my artist offers touch ups for free but I don't know if there is a time frame for that.
  3. I've seen plenty online, but my original one was bad. The lines were uneven. One side of the cross was thicker than the other side and some lines thinner than the others. This was only an outline no filling in or anything. Just a horrible tattooer even though he did one on my brother and it turned out good. I didn't do my research. It was a spur of the moment type deals. Still kicking myself over that. Hopefully my coverup will heal to where you cannot see the old underneath.
  4. Mine is still peeling, but one chunk finally came off, and it is lighter than the other areas. I wonder if my sleeves may have rubbed my wrist making it come off too quickly. I will have to get a touch up. How soon after the initial tattoo can I get it touched up? Mine is over scar tissue as well so this may complicate things.
  5. I just want to see who is recommend in the north Alabama area? IF I ever decide to get another tattoo, I want to know my options. My brother has used Art N Soul in the Hartselle/Decatur area. Thank ya'll as always.
  6. It has been almost a week since my tattoo, and it is still sore. Is this normal? It is in my wrist and covered some scar tissue so that may still be giving me problems.
  7. I'll pray for good results. If you go to an experienced person or a good laser center then you should be good to go. I saw a lot of good results when I was researching around a few years ago. Please keep us updated on the progress.
  8. Oh I agree. I didn't think anything of it until I got home. I was nervous about getting a tattoo not the fact she didn't open up the packages in front of me. I'm sure there is a lot of things involved in getting the needles, etc. ready so I can see why some go ahead and do that. I'm just curious what the norm is. All the behind the scenes work of tattooing intrigues me. BTW that MJ tattoo I saw in your gallery is sweet. :)
  9. Are tattooers required to open sterile packages in front of their customers? I know most do, but is it a problem if they don't? I realized after I got my tattoo the other day that the lady didn't. Everything was set up before she called me back. I was nervous beforehand that I didn't even think anything of it or even to ask. This shop is clean, and both me and my brother have used them, but I was just curious. I would prefer that she did, but again I was too nervous to think about it.
  10. I also didn't think anything about tipping. I kinda feel bad now, but it was an honest mistake.
  11. I think this is a great idea for a forum. The emails and notifications were very straightforward, and I liked the fact that you are actually required to read the rules, etc. I like the countdown clock you had up on the rules. Haha.
  12. Thank you! I love the new design just not the being able to see the old tattoo. It feels a little crusty and tight right now since it has only been two days. I think once it heals good I will be more happy with it. Good luck with your laser session. We don't have many places around here that does laser removal so I just went to the only one I could find close. Big mistake. I don't think the lady knows what she is doing. Each session took over 20 minutes. She would go over the tattoo like three or four times in one sitting. I'm pretty sure now after researching this isn't how it's done. Just a bad decision on my part which led to a little scarring. Ironically my local tattoo parlor offers laser removal. If only I would have been more patient. Haha. - - - Updated - - - It's funny. After both of these tattoos I was thinking about what next one to get. Haha. I never went through with it the first go around so we will see what happens this time around. :)
  13. I made a bad decision to get my small tattoo lasered. I went to two sessions, and then quit. I developed scar tissue in the shape of the small cross on my wrist. I decided to get it fixed which I finally did yesterday after 1 1/2-2 years from my last laser session. I even put Mederma on it to flatten it out a little. I did this for 4 months or so. You can still see the outline of the other cross in the middle of the bigger cross. I'm praying that after it heals, it won't be as noticeable. If only I could go back in time and just get it redone instead of trying to remove it...
  14. Well if I ever do get another one, I sure won't make the same mistake twice. You're right though, I should never say never. ;)
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