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  1. Light is tough. At night I do use two fluorescent lights (one on each side) to cut down on shadows. A lot of my friends use their back decks during the day and just paint outside. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I love using a Crowquill nib for inking but I'm still relatively new at watercolor so if I finish a good one I'm a little hesitant for fear of messing it up by accidentally splattering ink. I'm gonna switch back to the nibs tho when I'm a little more proficient. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. You are taking this too seriously trust me. I have had many many conversations with tattooers about watercolor and flash painting. No one was ever tight lipped. Some shops even have open "paint nights" and lots of tattooers offer painting advice on YouTube. Not to be condescending but just take a look around. The mere existence of this thread answers your question. But you are right I am not a tattooer just a watercolor artist.
  4. Haha! No way. It's just watercolor painting. Tons and tons of old ladies do it for fun! Besides, watercolor artists aren't gonna give anyone a disease (which is the primary reason I buy into to tattoo trade secrets idea, although there aren't really many secrets left anyway)
  5. No you are right the graphite sucks to erase ..... I can never get it off completely. That's why I only trae the basic lines (like a tattoo stencil) then use the "copy not" blue cartooning pencils for the detail. But the drawing has to be just right before I start. By the time I get to the last step (lining) the graphite and blue pencil is so buried you can't really see it. Then I'm basically just erasing stray lines here and there. Works ok.
  6. Yeah I paint, then do the linework. I think I do the opposite of most people but I REALLY prefer painting first then cleaning up the excess graphite/pencil before I do any "inking" .... It's nice to know a light table will shine thru the Arches. Several people told me to forget the light table because the cotton paper was too thick. I would love to pencil the designs instead of using the graphite paper. Thanks for your help sorry to ask so many questions. I have been mulling over the best way tobdo a transfer for a long time.
  7. Ah I see. I might try it, I hate the warping. It does seem a little unwieldy to trace a carbon transfer onto the block but it might be worth the effort for me. I usually just transfer the basic lines and finish it off with a cartooning pencil before I paint.
  8. Yeah the sheets I found were 16x20. Worked out pretty well so far. Man cotton paper makes all the difference! Sorry to be dense, but why are the blocks less useful because you don't pencil directly onto the paper? (I don't either I use a carbon transfer) .... Just wondering because I was about to fork over the cash for a block next time I used the 40% off coupon.
  9. I just did this .... If you are willing to cut the paper it's a great deal. I got 12 10x8 sheets for $9 .... Which is about a quarter the cost of a block of 20 sheets retail.
  10. I'm bumping this because I just started with watercolors last week ... what a learning curve! I am practicing on the shitty paper that balls up, hopefully if I can get decent blends on that stuff it will be easier when I move up to the Arches (just so much cheaper since I can't get much right just yet) -- my question is about spitshading ... does anyone spit into a cup? I am getting the most consistent light to dark shading this way. Yesterday I spent about an hour swallowing ink before I got grossed out. I can't find much info other than artists pretty much saying "fuck it" ... it's really non-toxic? How would you know? The FW inks don't even have a label .....
  11. Both of these are by Clamore Wolfmeyer at Amillion here in Austin. I didn't get a shot of the Higgs Druid, but here is my wife's pillowcase the next morning! Haha! Boldwillhold!
  12. I do like Fonda San Miguel, although I havent been there in a couple of years. My band rents space on east 7th, and Im starting to really like the neighborhood. Some parts are poor, but to me they dont feel unsafe. West 6th, on the other hand .... I have seen too much shitty behavior and fighting. Sucks, but I think the hotspots are moving out of downtown. If I were downtown, I would probably hit up the Driskill bar and call it a day. South of the river, theres still some cool spots for eating and music in The SoCo area. Rock of Ages is on South Lamar, of course. Just my two cents. YMMV
  13. Man, I was up around Parmer Ln yesterday .... used to live up there. That neighborhood (say, Rundberg north to Yeager) is just getting worse and worse. My advice is to stay south of the river, or tak a cab to the east 6th area. Lots of cool stuff over there nowadays.
  14. Stirrin' shit up. :) I did notice the "lettering outside the banner" thing, which I agree does look weird. Overall, though, I do think she has good tattoos. Especially considering most Suicide Girls look like trainwrecks. Anyway, just thought it was a timely topic w her being recently fired and all.
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